S4 Avant Audio & communication S4 Avant

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Your wireless hotspot

The Audi S4 can be specified with a GPRS module to allow data transfer, allowing current news topics and weather reports to be downloaded to the car, even when you’re on the move.

This service includes a high-speed, UMTS module which will provide three-dimensional satellite and aerial images, as well as photos and information from Google Earth to the navigation system.

This also allows a full-scale internet connection, making the Audi S4 a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot. Laptop users can even connect to the internet on the move and even stream their music to the car’s audio system via the wireless network.

Online services may vary and are only available for mobile phone contracts that include a data option and only within the coverage of a mobile phone network. Additional costs to your mobile phone contract may apply. A mobile phone contract including a data flat rate is strongly recommended.