S4 Avant Safety S4 Avant

Safety and protection

The technology we hope you’ll never need

Vorsprung durch Technik doesn’t stop at power, performance and legendary Audi handling. We push the boundaries of safety, constantly looking for new ways to protect you and your passengers.


Adaptive technology improves on the original airbag concept significantly. In the event of a collision, the level of impact and the position of the seat are considered and the deployment force of the airbag is adjusted accordingly. Front and side airbags for both the driver and front passenger are available as standard across all S4 models.

Seat belts

If there’s a head-on collision, the three-point inertia reel seat belts tighten to strap you to your seat more securely, limiting excessive movement caused by momentum.

Audi Backguard head restraints

The Audi Backguard system is designed into the body of the seat and counteracts the dangers of whiplash injuries to the neck and head in the event of a rear-end collision.