Adaptive air suspension

A ride to suit you

Adaptive air suspension is standard on the Audi Q7. It balances a silky smooth ride when you’re on the road with superb agility when you’re off it. How? You can change the suspension settings and damper characteristics, at the touch of a button to suit how you want to drive. There are five modes to choose from: comfort, dynamic, automatic, offroad and lift.

Off-road driving

Raising the ground-clearance height of the car to approximately 240mm, lift mode is perfect for negotiating rough terrain and steep slopes.

Open road driving

Comfort, dynamic and automatic modes are designed to be enjoyed on the open road. For long-distances, comfort adjusts your set-up to create a more comfortable ride. Dynamic changes the settings for a sportier driving experience, lowering the ground clearance of the car to approximately 165mm. It also reduces drag so improves fuel efficiency. Automatic is the ideal setting for everyday driving.

The car will remain in comfort mode until the vehicle reaches a set speed at which point the car will lower itself by up to 35mm in order to improve efficiency and reduce drag.