Whether it’s a quick trip to the shops or an epic adventure up a mountain, Audi accessories and merchandise will transform each outing for you and your passengers into a unique experience

WRITER Nuala McBride

They say the journey is more important than the destination, and this is something Audi engineers held at the forefront of their minds while developing the exciting range of official Audi accessories and merchandise. These products marry practicality and innovation to transform every trip into an enjoyable experience. They also enable users to continue enjoying Audi levels of comfort and quality when away from their vehicle. Every

single aspect of the different types of journey in modern life have come under focus. A quick nip to somewhere local doesn’t have the same requirements as a long road trip or the daily commute. With this in mind, browse the selection of products below and discover how every Audi product is tailored to make each journey the very best it can be.


An Audi can protect you from the worst of the British weather, but what happens when you step out of the car? Luckily, Audi has thought of this too and designed a stylish soft-shell jacket, which can be easily stowed in the car and pulled out when the unexpected occurs. We’ve all rushed out of the house on an errand only to be caught by the blistering

winds or a torrential downpour – it just makes that journey a little more special (or memorable) than the rest! This jacket is made for layering, so you’re ready to face the unpredictability of the outdoors. It reflects the sleek design of an Audi by being practical and contemporary at the same time. And like your car it also boasts a number of discreet four-ring Audi logos. It is also machine washable, so no worries if it gets dirty.


Audi has partnered with the German bag maker Reisenthel – which prides itself on being the master of everyday practicality – to bring the original shopping basket exclusively to Audi customers. With thermal lining and a zip fastening, this shopping bag is ideal to keep produce from the supermarket cold. For those longer journeys it’s the place to store

packed lunches. The bag is attractively designed and flaunts simple lines, as well as a sophisticated black and silver colour scheme that complements any car’s boot lining. A robust steel frame means that it will keep its shape whatever the situation and it can also be secured so that it doesn’t move around when cornering. Thanks to clever design it can be folded away and stored flat, ready for the next time you need it.


Some of us simply can’t function without a regular caffeine fix. So it’s good news that Audi has crafted an in-car espresso machine, which means you can now brew barista-quality coffee in your Audi. This stylishly designed unit comes in its own small, soft case and can be stored under the front seat or in the boot, ready to get out and plug into

the cigarette lighter when needed. The body of the machine sits in the central cup holder securely so there is no risk of it falling when on the move. It is also very quick and can make two cups of coffee in less than two minutes. For those worried about mess, the machine uses self-contained Italian illy coffee pods, so there is no risk of grains going everywhere, and the water reservoir has an indicator to stop overfilling.