Jack O'Connell


Jack O'Connell

From finding his feet on stage in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof to feeling comfortable parked up next to his footie heroes, the actor and Audi ambassador takes it all in his stride



Jack O'Connell

Audience or awards?

Awards are very nice, but if I was going to choose between the two, I’d say audiences. I find it more satisfying to get a positive reaction from an audience – although I guess the ultimate would be to get approval from both audiences and the industry.

Stage or screen?

I do screen so I can afford to do stage, really. In working on Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, I’ve found I take a lot more from it that I do from filming, in terms of studying the script and my character and in trying to really understand the writing. It’s been very educational.

Haute couture or T-shirt and jeans?

I like certain labels and certain brands, but I’m definitely not one for pushing the boundaries with clothes! You won’t see me in anything too eccentric.

Football or rugby?

I follow Derby County and if I can’t get to the match, I’ll tune in on the radio. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get a parking space, and my Audi S5 compares quit style="font-family: audiType_normal; font-size: 16px;"e favourably in the players’ car park! I enjoy all sport, though. I love boxing and I like to play a bit of golf. I’ll even watch the curling, if it’s on.

North or South?

Derby’s home. Always. A lot of my friends and family are still there, so I visit quite often. I also love being in London and working there. I definitely get more done on a professional scale there than I would do in Derby.

Horse power or petrol power?

Horses for courses! I spent a bit of time on horses for [new Netflix series] Godless. There’s more of a risk element on horseback than in an Audi – no seatbelt or airbag should you find yourself in an unfortunate predicament – but it’s good fun.


Jack O'Connell

Tennessee Williams or Shane Meadows?

I guess they both wrote social commentaries people have celebrated but, beyond that, I couldn’t say. I’ll always be very thankful to Shane Meadows for This Is England, because, without it, my life would be altogether very different to what it is now.

Home or abroad?

I like to travel. Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time in Ireland and I was in a lot of places and met a lot of people, but my main companion was my Audi. That got me along the wild Atlantic Way completely effortlessly. I had some great experiences there.

Half-full or half-empty?

I’m equally capable of being both of those things, but then there’s a lot to be said for some blind optimism every now and then. A lot of good things have happened by having that attitude.

Cook or takeaway?

I love cooking – I just hate washing up! I’ve recently mastered a chicken, ham and leek pie with a nice white sauce, though – I’ve got that down to a T.

Book or box set?

When I was growing up, if you came out with lots of stupid or far-fetched things, people would say, ‘You’re watching too much telly.’ No one seems to say that any more, but I still hold it dear and I definitely don’t think there’s any such thing as reading too many books.

LA or London?

I work best in Hollywood when there’s a return ticket booked for me. I have to repeat myself a lot over there, though, as they don’t always understand me! That said, it’s nice to be regarded as a visitor and be more of a novelty.

Drive or be driven?

I much prefer to drive myself. Unless I’m in London and having to look for parking – that’s a game-changer. Written by Emma Barlow.

Photographs by Christophe Meimoon


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Jack O'Connell