Toddler L standing by the Audi TTS Coupé

The Kid-Friendly Sports Car


Could an Audi TTS Coupé become the new family car? Guest blogger, Dave Hornby,
aka the Dadventurer went on a mission to find out

For the last week, I’ve been driving an Audi TTS Coupé. The aim was to see if I could do my usual stay-at-home-dad stuff, while behind the wheel of a £39K sports car, rather than in my usual family car. I was a little sceptical. Could a sports car really be a viable alternative?

The first task was fitting the car seat. Toddler L usually sits in the back, but there seemed little possibility the car seat would fit into the snug rear of the TTS. Luckily, I was surprised to find the front passenger seat had ISOFIX so Toddler L was promoted to co-driver.

Toddler L secured in a car seat in the front of the Audi TTS Coupé

Fitting the car seat was a simple matter of clicking it into place and turning off the passenger airbag in the glovebox. Early signs were promising and it passed the main test of ‘can I get my kid into the sports car?’.

Our first trip was to nursery the following morning. The 2.4 mile journey has never been more exciting, or more scary. I did my best to avoid scratching the 19” alloys and Sepang blue-pearl-effect paint. With 30mph roads, I couldn’t get into top gear, but it gave me my first taste of the phenomenal acceleration. Toddler L loved this too, as evidenced by the giggles and chants of “again, faster” when I put pedal to metal. Surprisingly, having a car seat in the front didn’t impact my visibility or encroach on my side of the car. So far, so good.

It didn’t take long to get used to the TTS as it felt similar to my wife’s most recent company car – the Audi A4. There were differences – most notably everything being in the Audi Virtual Cockpit rather than the dashboard-mounted MMI. Also, this TTS has a six-speed S tronic automatic gearbox rather than manual. But overall, I felt instantly at home. Toddler L certainly felt comfortable too. She loved her new place in the front of “Daddy’s blue sports car” and we enjoyed the added interaction of being next to each other.

Toddler L looking at the Audi TTS Coupé.

The last week has seen the car cope with the rigours of stay-at-home-dad life. We’ve driven to the park, been to various toddler classes, gone to nursery and done a small supermarket shop. Each time, I’ve been impressed with the TTS. The car's done what I expected and I’ve experienced no notable downsides. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite – I’ve enjoyed some additional perks. The black leather interior and super sports seats meant a drink spillage could be wiped up. The boot comfortably housed a buggy - along with everything else a toddler needs – and the lower body meant Toddler L could climb into her car seat herself. Her being next to me also meant I could stop her nodding off before her official nap time. Well, I tried.

I entertained Toddler L by playing peekaboo with the hidden rear spoiler and used the music interface to stream songs from my phone through the Bang & Olufsen Sound System. Just a shame they were nursery rhymes and not Biffy Clyro.

The only slight issue I had was when I took the family out for a spin at the weekend. My wife was relegated to the rear, where space is at a premium. As such, she found it quite difficult to get comfortable due to limited legroom and a low roof. Though I suspect she was just jealous she couldn’t drive it.

All in all, I loved the Audi TTS. As a stay-at-home-dad with a toddler, the car did everything I needed it to. It even provided a bit of excitement that a boring, normal car can never achieve. I’d suggest an Audi TTS could cut it as my usual ride when it’s just the little one and me. But the limited space in the back makes it difficult for the family. Now I just need to find a way to persuade my wife to let me get one for my birthday…

Written by Dave Hornby. Photographs by Dave Hornby.


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