New Audi A3 3D art

Look again

3D artists Joe and Max recreate the Audi A3 Sportback in London’s South Bank

Painting the floor blue

3D artists Joe and Max like a challenge. This is a team that broke two Guinness World Records for the longest and largest piece of 3D street art ever. In seven days. In Winter. In the UK.

So when we wanted to create a piece of art to make people look at the new A3 Sportback in a completely different way, bringing to life the new design features while demonstrating the same attention to detail our own designers have… well, they seemed like the only men for the job.

But, as mastermind Joe Hill explains, no matter how experienced you are, getting the nuances of the flatter headlights, the revamped wheels and the broader single frame grille exactly right isn’t easy in 3D.

Painting the wheels

Painting the grill

Artist looking through a camera

“When we approach a piece of perspective art we have a very clear idea of what the picture’s going to look like, we draw a cross in the ground and that’s our vanishing point which is the place where the viewer stands.

“Then, rather than creating a rectangular picture, we’re painting within a fan and stretching the image so that when you look through a camera, it ‘pops up.’

“The challenge was, a lot of the new details on the car are towards the top of the picture and that’s where the perspective means that things are stretched the most. So we have to be very precise about that.”

But that wasn’t the only challenge the team were set.

“We normally try to make a picture work within the space. But here, Audi specifically wanted to make it work within the dimensions of people’s phone screens. That’s a completely new experiment.”

Artist paints London’s South Bank floor

All the more reason why we had to have a real Audi aficionado on board.

“I was actually very excited when Audi approached me because I’m a child of the 80’s - I grew up drawing the Audi Quattro on my exercise books as a kid.”

“I don’t know many artists who, when they were growing up, didn’t enjoy drawing cars and we got to do a really big one and for a brand that I really like.”

But, as Joe explains, it’s not just him who gets a lot of joy from his work.

Artists Joe and Max paint the A3 on the floor

A crowd on looks the artists painting

The public pose with the 3D floor art

“What’s really rewarding about 3D art is that it’s a way of getting people to interact with pieces. Not only can they be involved because they’re standing and looking at it - they can actually include themselves in the picture.”

So that’s exactly what we did. Displayed at London’s South Bank, we asked passers-by to take a photo and share it on Twitter and Instagram, tagging #A3LookAgain. See the results below.

Written by Simon Vincent; Photographs by Michael Palmer.


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