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The Audi quattro Cup is the largest amateur golf tournament in the world, involving 100,000 players from 51 countries. Destination: Audi headed to Barcelona for the 2016 Audi quattro Cup world final

Matt Hurren and Michael Pickett on Barcelona's El Prat golf course

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Have you ever seen someone hit a golf ball with an oversized driver while riding a giant unicycle? Well neither had the large crowd assembled on the practice area of the famous El Prat golf course in Barcelona, ahead of the last day of the 26th Audi quattro Cup world final last October.

But when trick-shot expert Kevin Carpenter nailed his swing and sent the ball past the 150-yard marker, gasps of disbelief came from the audience, quickly followed by a wave of applause and loud cheers of encouragement. ‘Not bad,’ came the sarcastic reply from World Golf Trick Shot Champion Geoff Swain, Kevin’s demonstration partner and the other half of the Golf Trick Shot Boys act. ‘But I think you sliced it a bit. Let’s see if we can improve your technique – jump on my shoulders and try and hit a straight ball, this time using two clubs instead of one!’

Matt Hurren, Michael Pickett, Phil Jones and David Morris

Moments like these are the essence of the Audi quattro Cup. It’s a perfect cocktail of skill and competition, with just the right amount of humour and lightheartedness. It is the largest amateur golf tournament series in the world, involving more than 100,000 players from 51 countries in over 800 regional tournaments.

Last October’s final was held in Barcelona, with 55 teams of two competing, all invited along for a luxury five-day trip courtesy of Audi. Two teams were flying the flag for Great Britain: Phil Jones and David Morris, both from Herefordshire, plus Matt Hurren and Michael Pickett from Surrey and Essex respectively.

Outside a Barcelona cathedral

Matt Hurren, Michael Pickett, Phil Jones and David Morris

In the end, the Brits finished 8th and 10th behind the winning American duo of Eric Kelley and Don Tate, with Matt and Michael faring the best. There are no sore feelings, and at the extravagant gala dinner and award ceremony they form a riotous table.

Speaking at the event, Phil summed up the experience: ‘Taking part in the Audi quattro Cup is like drawing the golden ticket,’ he says. ‘The past few days have been one of the best experiences in my life. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few luxury days in the sun, playing golf, eating at the best places in town and making friends for life.’

Written by John Silcox. Photographs by Alexander Rhind.


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