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Audi Mileage Tracker App

Audi Mileage Tracker

Audi Mileage Tracker allows you to log, manage and share the journeys you take. As well as tracking the distance, duration and cost of your journey, it also provides your average speed, efficiency and the percentage of your journey that could be covered by the electric engine if you were driving an e-tron. You can view your journey on the map and may spot a better route to take next time.

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Screenshots of the Mileage Tracker app on a smartphone

Audi MMI connect App

Audi MMI Connect

Enhance Audi Connect directly from your smartphone. Send navigation destinations to your car and sync your calendar and mail to view in your vehicle MMI. You can also access your music library via Wi-Fi or control a huge variety of internet radio stations in the MMI. For vehicles with Safety and Service features, you can lock and unlock your car remotely, check your vehicle status including fuel and service reminders, and use Car finder to navigate back to find where you parked.

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Screenshots of the Audi MMI Connect app on a smartphone

Audi Vision Tracker App

Audi Vision

Audi Vision brings to life Audi’s brochure and print ads, revealing a wealth of exclusive content, using augmented reality. Simply look for the Audi Vision symbol, open the Audi Vision app and point the camera at the front cover of the brochure, ad or billboard. This will give you exclusive access to images, information and video content - all of which is designed to help you explore and understand the options available with each model.

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The Audi Vision app being used on a smartphone