Modern Slavery Act

Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Ltd Modern Slavery Act Statement

Modern Slavery Act Statement

Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited (“VWGUK”) is a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales and headquartered in Milton Keynes. VWGUK is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (“VWAG”), and is the UK importer of certain VWAG products. VWGUK trades as Volkswagen UK, Audi UK, SEAT UK, ŠKODA UK and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK. Under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“Act”), VWGUK is required to publish a Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for each financial year, setting out the steps it has taken to address the risk of slavery or human trafficking occurring in its supply chain or within its own operations.

This is the statement for VWGUK for the financial year ended 31 December 2016. This statement incorporates the statement of VWAG, which sets out the Volkswagen group’s approach, processes and principles to combat slavery and human trafficking. The VWAG statement is a global statement which is updated annually. Where applicable, VWGUK has adopted these or similar processes in its operations in the UK. For the latest version of the VWAG statement, please see here:

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement VolkswagenAG

In addition, VWGUK taking steps to further combat the risk of slavery or human trafficking within its supply chain including the following:

  • VWGUK is undertaking ongoing due diligence to assess its business partners’ approach and effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking within their own businesses and supply chains.
  • As part of the UK Tendering and supplier approval process, business partners confirm that they will comply with the terms of the UK Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • VWGUK’s standard contract terms contain clauses requiring compliance with the provisions of the Act and in addition compliance with the global sustainability requirements which can be found at

As a business, VWGUK has a zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery and this is enshrined as one of the core principles of its purchasing policy. However, VWGUK acknowledges that modern slavery exists and is a risk to all businesses.

In the event that any of VWGUK’s business partners are found to be engaging in slavery or other unethical working practices, it will take steps to address those issues with this business partner, seek to drive improved standards and, if necessary, terminate its relationships with any such business partners.

Approved by the Board of Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited on 21 June 2017.

Signed by. ​


This ​year’s ​winners

Winners ​included ​London ​artificial intelligence ​firm DeepMind, ​bionic ​hand ​manufacturer ​Open ​Bionics, ​and ​Sheila ​Rowan, leader ​of ​Glasgow-based ​team ​that ​helped ​confirm ​the ​existence ​of ​gravitational ​waves. David ​Rowan, ​Editor ​of WIRED ​UK, ​said: ​"Our ​winners ​have ​brought ​about ​progress through ​the ​creative ​use ​of ​technology. ​We ​are ​delighted ​to ​shine ​a ​spotlight ​onto ​these extraordinary ​people ​who ​have ​all ​achieved ​extraordinary ​things." 



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The ​Moonshot ​category ​was ​decided ​by ​a ​public ​vote, ​in ​which ​more ​than ​3,000 ​people participated. ​The ​eventual ​winner ​– ​global ​mapping ​company what3words ​– ​won ​by ​just
two ​votes.

Jane ​Bown, ​Sponsorship, ​Events ​and ​Internal ​Communications ​Manager ​of ​Audi ​UK, ​said: "Our ​Vorsprung ​durch ​Technik ​philosophy ​goes ​hand-in-hand ​with ​the ​idea ​of ​taking ​a moonshot: ​making ​technological ​advances ​to ​achieve ​what ​was ​previously ​thought impossible. ​The ​winner ​of ​the ​2016 ​Moonshot ​award, ​what3words, ​has ​found ​a ​solution ​to the ​problem ​of ​accurately ​and ​memorably ​addressing ​the ​entire ​world ​– ​an ​essential breakthrough."



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At ​the ​awards ​ceremony ​guests ​could ​walk ​round ​a ​virtual ​Audi ​showroom ​and ​experience the ​Audi A4 ​Saloon ​using ​the ​latest HTC ​Vive ​Virtual ​Reality technology. ​Guests ​could ​open
the ​doors, ​step ​inside ​the ​car ​and ​interact ​with ​the ​MMI ​system ​and ​other ​elements ​in ​the car, ​and ​even ​configure ​how ​the ​car ​looks.

Audi ​also ​exhibited ​its ​Virtual ​Engineering ​Terminal, ​which ​demonstrated ​some ​of ​the ​driver assistance ​systems ​in ​today’s ​Audi ​models, ​such ​as ​Matrix ​LED ​lights ​and ​parking ​assist.


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- Social Innovation: Open Bionics

- Scientific Breakthrough: Sheila Rowan

- Leadership in Innovation: Demis Hassabis, co-founder of DeepMind

- Moonshot of the Year: what3words