Wired Audi Innovation Awards


This ​year’s ​winners

Winners ​included ​London ​artificial intelligence ​firm DeepMind, ​bionic ​hand ​manufacturer ​Open ​Bionics, ​and ​Sheila ​Rowan, leader ​of ​Glasgow-based ​team ​that ​helped ​confirm ​the ​existence ​of ​gravitational ​waves. David ​Rowan, ​Editor ​of WIRED ​UK, ​said: ​"Our ​winners ​have ​brought ​about ​progress through ​the ​creative ​use ​of ​technology. ​We ​are ​delighted ​to ​shine ​a ​spotlight ​onto ​these extraordinary ​people ​who ​have ​all ​achieved ​extraordinary ​things." 



Moonshot ​category

The ​Moonshot ​category ​was ​decided ​by ​a ​public ​vote, ​in ​which ​more ​than ​3,000 ​people participated. ​The ​eventual ​winner ​– ​global ​mapping ​company what3words ​– ​won ​by ​just
two ​votes.

Jane ​Bown, ​Sponsorship, ​Events ​and ​Internal ​Communications ​Manager ​of ​Audi ​UK, ​said: "Our ​Vorsprung ​durch ​Technik ​philosophy ​goes ​hand-in-hand ​with ​the ​idea ​of ​taking ​a moonshot: ​making ​technological ​advances ​to ​achieve ​what ​was ​previously ​thought impossible. ​The ​winner ​of ​the ​2016 ​Moonshot ​award, ​what3words, ​has ​found ​a ​solution ​to the ​problem ​of ​accurately ​and ​memorably ​addressing ​the ​entire ​world ​– ​an ​essential breakthrough."



Audi ​Virtual ​Showroom

At ​the ​awards ​ceremony ​guests ​could ​walk ​round ​a ​virtual ​Audi ​showroom ​and ​experience the ​Audi A4 ​Saloon ​using ​the ​latest HTC ​Vive ​Virtual ​Reality technology. ​Guests ​could ​open
the ​doors, ​step ​inside ​the ​car ​and ​interact ​with ​the ​MMI ​system ​and ​other ​elements ​in ​the car, ​and ​even ​configure ​how ​the ​car ​looks.

Audi ​also ​exhibited ​its ​Virtual ​Engineering ​Terminal, ​which ​demonstrated ​some ​of ​the ​driver assistance ​systems ​in ​today’s ​Audi ​models, ​such ​as ​Matrix ​LED ​lights ​and ​parking ​assist.


2016 WIRED Audi Innovation Award Winners

- Innovation in AI: DeepMind

- Innovation in Experience Design: Marshmallow Laser Feast

- Innovation in Product Design: Marjan van Aubel

- Social Innovation: Open Bionics

- Scientific Breakthrough: Sheila Rowan

- Leadership in Innovation: Demis Hassabis, co-founder of DeepMind

- Moonshot of the Year: what3words