Audi ultra models combine a range of technologies that work together to provide ultimate efficiency. Find out how ultra can benefit you - from effective transmissions and energy saving functions, to improved aerodynamics and lightweight engineering.

Enhanced efficiency

Our engineers have developed vehicles with consumption-efficient TDIĀ® engines. This brings us closer to achieving our long-term target of CO2-neutral mobility. Our most efficient TDI models can be identified on the basis of the special ultra logo marking on the car.

Audi A6 Avant ultra
Audi A5 coupe ultra

Effective transmissions

A high torque enables the transmission ratio to be designed longer, particularly in the higher gears. This guarantees the customary sporty power delivery even at low engine speeds while actively saving fuel at the same time.

Energy saving functions

The fuel economy of the Audi ultra models is the result of several technologies. Recuperation ensures energy that would otherwise be lost during breaking is stored and can be used upon acceleration.

The start-stop system stops the engine at red lights and restarts it automatically.

And the efficiency mode in Audi drive select works in an anticipatory and fuel-saving way.

Audi ultra energy saving functions
Audi ultra improved aerodynamics

Improved aerodynamics

All Audi ultra models are put through their paces in the Audi wind tunnel to optimise their aerodynamics even further. Because less air resistance means less energy is required.

Improved trim and tyres with reduced rolling resistance guarantee better aerodynamics for most Audi ultra models. Further vehicle-specific details, such as the rear spoiler on the Audi A4 Saloon ultra, also enhance the aerodynamics.

Lightweight engineering

What began in 1994 with the revolutionary Audi Space FrameĀ® in the lightweight body of the Audi A8 is now used in almost all areas, combining lightweight materials with intelligent design principles and resource-saving production processes.

This turns the weight spiral around completely, because each lightweight component has an effect on other components, the dimensions of which can consequently also be reduced.

This means existing designs and materials are continually improved in terms of functionality, minimum weight and the production process.

Audi space frame

The ultra range

ultra engines are available on the following models: