Engineering and design philosophy

The Audi Sport models are brought to the road through a combination of advanced engineering and skilled craftsmanship. Our 'top-tier' RS trim level marries together motorsport elements to create aerodynamically optimised vehicles with low centre of gravity, high performing engines and the most advanced technologies, from quattro all-wheel drive to the driver-focused Audi Virtual Cockpit.

Audi also test their cars in wind tunnels to get a perfect balance between handling and efficiency. Downforce improves handling, but too much downforce and drag increases fuel consumption. That’s why we turn our wind tunnel up to 180 mph – twice the speed of a tornado*. The faster the wind, the more we learn, and the more we learn, the better the handling and efficiency of your car.

A visual language of recognisable character and dominant charisma unifies the Audi Sport models. Signature RS design cues and genetics are seen in the exterior lines, iconic honeycomb grille, oval exhaust pipes and flared wheel arches – all variably echoed across the range. Individual teams develop multiple designs which are crafted in clay before later being iterated and finessed through computer aided design (CAD).

*Tornado wind speeds typically range from 75 to 100 mph. Source: Met Office

Engineered inside and out

The pursuit of dynamics

Aerodynamic optimisation is a goal that requires constant refinement, and one which Audi designers are always working toward improving with every new car. The wind tunnel continues to play a major role in the development of both Audi’s motorsport cars and the race-inspired road models.

The design and aerodynamics of the all-new R8 mean the car is now lighter, flatter and more muscular than before with re-designed side blades and fixed spoiler on the V10 plus.

Gravity matters

An essential focus for the designers of Audi Sport cars is the ongoing pursuit of a lower centre of gravity. Not necessarily meaning that the cars appear visibly closer to the ground, a low COG brings the weight closer to the road which directly affects balance, allowing a car to lean further when taking corners at fast speeds.

Inspired by track design, the R8 Coupé features a mid-mounted V10 engine directly behind the driver, delivering breathtaking traction and agile cornering.

Audi R8 Multi-functional steering wheel

Multi-functional Steering

RS innovation extends to your controls. Every interaction can happen in one place with the driver-focused, flat-bottomed, multi-functional steering wheel. From engine start-up, drive dynamics and gear changes, to the practicality of MMI Satellite Navigation.

Audi RS 6 Bucket Seats

RS Super Sports Seats

The ultra modern, premium quality look and feel of RS is prominent in the Super Sport Seats, which feature a stitched honeycomb quilted design and embossed RS logo, with driver’s side memory function and optimum comfort and support.

The Audi Virtual Cockpit in the R8

Audi Virtual Cockpit

The Audi Virtual Cockpit allows you to be in full control of your R8, as well as the world outside it. Have on-demand information, navigation and communication services directly in front of you. A Sport mode with a rev counter, gear selection and lap timer creates an authentic racing experience.


The technology that is so effective, on its first appearance it attracted a ban in competitive motorsport. Launched in 1980, our renowned Audi quattro all-wheel drive system sits at the core of Audi's RS models.

Responsible for controlling the immense power behind the cars, it delivers optimal drive to each wheel to ensure superior handling, phenomenal grip and dynamic responsiveness.


Designing performance from the ground up.

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Audi Sport events

Audi Sport compete in some of the world's top racing series.

Endurance racing has been the pinnacle of Audi's motorsport endeavours for almost two decades. With 13 victories in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans and lasting success in the World Endurance Championship, competing at the highest level has challenged us to create some of the defining technologies now found in our road cars.

We now look to our next chapter for Audi Motorsport. Be sure to follow our progress and the latest events.