• Dynamic, sporty design
  • Spacious 5-seat cabin
  • Features a large load bay
The Audi RS6 Avant

The Audi Avant body type, more widely known as Estate, is a spacious choice that’s ideal for family life and pastime activities, thanks to its versatility. And with an attractive, contemporary exterior, it's a practical car with style.

Avant models combine an electric tailgate, a capable loading bay and split-folding rear bench, creating a truly accommodating body type.

With up to 1,680 litres of luggage space on selected Avant models, you can transport anything from sports equipment to weekend shopping with ease. The cabin is generous too, fitted with five comfortable seats and plenty of leg room, making the Avant an ideal car for families.

Avants feature in the A4 and A6 ranges. Whichever model range your Avant belongs to, you can use our
model configurator to tailor one that fits you perfectly.

The Audi A6 Avant

    A4 Avant

    Meet the A4 Avant

    The A4 Avant has an an impressive 505 litres of boot space and a split-folding rear seat bench for excellent storage capacity. Infotainment like the Audi Smartphone Interface, now fitted as standard, along with a host of other innovative available options, help make the A4 Avant our flagship Avant choice.

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