The Audi A3 Saloon

Roomy but agile, the Audi Saloon combines a 5-seat cabin with a sculpted exterior, making it a versatile choice of body type for all sorts of lifestyles.

With a focus on comfort and easy access, it's an ideal car for family life. And thanks to the refined design and luxurious cabin specifications, it's an ideal choice for a company car. Discover the benefits of having an Audi Saloon as your company car.

The A8 Saloon models take luxury and comfort to the next level with top of the range seats, generous leg room and a host of intelligent technologies.

Saloons feature in the A3, A4, A6 and A8 ranges. Whichever model range your Saloon belongs to, you can use our
model configurator to tailor one that fits you perfectly.

The new Audi A8

    A4 Saloon

    Introducing the RS 3 Saloon

    The latest addition to our Saloon range is the new RS 3 Saloon. With the world’s most powerful five-cylinder production engine, and eye-catching RS features, it brings impressive power to the road accompanied by quattro four-wheel-drive technology, RS sports suspension and RS braking system. Simply put, it’s the perfect combination of executive refinement and pulse-quickening performance.

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