I am an Independent Repairer

    independent repairer

    Information and advice for Independent repairers

    • Technical Literature

      To repair vehicles and to source Audi special tools, please consult the technical literature provided by Audi via the Erwin website.

      If you encounter any issues, we will assist in your repair actions. We hope you understand that our one precondition is that you have the literature required, a sufficiently trained service team and the necessary equipment, tools and measurement equipment.

    • Diagnostic System

      For enquiries connected to ODIS installation, GeKo, security and component protection e.g. key code and radio code etc. contact us at independent.workshop@vwg.co.uk

    • Technical support

      Technical information is available on the trade parts specialist website.

    • Training

      If you would like any information about technical or non-technical training please contact our National Learning Centre and they will be able to help you with details of available courses and how to book. The National Learning Centre can be contacted on 01908 601595 or nlcdelegatesupport@vwg.co.uk.

    • Tools and Equipment

      After consulting the free to use tools and equipment catalogue on Erwin please email imt.toolsequipment@vwg.co.uk