Anti-theft alarm

The anti-theft alarm system offers extensive protection against break-in, vehicle theft and wheel theft.

The anti-theft alarm system offers protection for the vehicle and its valuable features. It uses several systems to thoroughly monitor the doors, luggage compartment, engine compartment, engine and interior. The core monitoring element is the ultrasonic sensor system, which detects people inside the interior.

The system responds to movements and is also triggered by unauthorised attempts to gain access to the vehicle interior – through a smashed window, for example. The interior monitoring can be switched off to allow people and animals to remain for a short time in the parked car.

In the event of a break-in or if a door is opened by unauthorised means, a piercing alarm horns sounds for 30 seconds. It reacts independently of the on-board electrical system – i.e. even if the battery is disconnected or short-circuited. The alarm sound is accompanied by continuous flashing of the hazard warning lights.

The horn and hazard lights are also activated when the integrated tilt sensor detects a slight change in the vehicle’s position. This prevents attempts to transport the car away on another vehicle or remove the wheels. When repairs are needed, faults can be found quickly via self-diagnosis.

The anti-theft alarm is generally activated whenever the vehicle is locked and deactivated when it's unlocked. The alarm system can also be switched on and off when needed using the vehicle key or via remote control. The system also remains active when the luggage compartment lock is operated.

The anti-theft alarm concept has even convinced insurance companies, some of whom offer lower comprehensive insurance rates for vehicles equipped with the system.