Ceramic brakes

Audi ceramic brakes offer outstanding deceleration rates, long service life, light weight and sporty looks.

Audi ceramic brake discs are made from carbon-fibre-reinforced ceramics. This type of material composition is a so-called composite ceramic material. Its base material is silicon carbide, which is extremely hard and highly resistant to wear and has a crystalline structure similar to a diamond. High-strength carbon fibres are embedded in the structure, and these prove an effective means of absorbing the stresses which occur in the material.

The sophisticated geometry of the cooling channels in the ventilated brake discs provide for outstanding brake disc cooling. Compared to steel brake discs of an identical design, the service life is much longer (under the same operating conditions) due to the high resistance to wear. The result is a high-performance brake system made of carbon-fibre-reinforced ceramic material which is especially well suited for high loads.