HomeLink is a programmable remote control system for controlling the drive mechanisms of garage doors and outside gates.

The control buttons are factory-fitted in the vehicle interior and are positioned on the sun visor. This fixed installation seamlessly integrates the system into the interior, and guards effectively against theft.

HomeLink does not require separate batteries and it has a long range thanks to its own external aerial. The system can store three different codes; the original remote control transmitter is then no longer needed or can be used for other vehicles.

The system also supports rolling codes and wavelengths in the new 868-MHz range, making it compatible with over 98% of all commonly used garage door drives.

HomeLink can also be used for entire property systems, external and internal lighting, alarm systems and many other items.

The remote control system is very straightforward to use with its easily visible illuminated buttons, and programming it usually takes no more than 60 seconds.