TV reception, analogue/digital

The TV tuner has been designed specially for the demands of mobile reception of analogue and digital television channels.

Two tuners receive the picture and sound signals for the currently selected TV channel, while the third tuner continuously searches for other channels and automatically compiles the information into an easy-to-follow channel list.

The TV tuner is a multi-standard device (PAL, NTSC), supports the digital TV standard DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast - Terrestrial) and receives all available unencrypted analogue and digital television signals in MPEG-2 coding.

The tuners receive the television signals via a total of up to four TV aerials. They automatically and continuously determine the optimum reception configuration to supply the best possible picture and sound information.

Electronic programme guide (EPG) information can also be received. It's also possible to connect up to two external devices, such as a video camera or a games console, with an optional adapter cable. The television picture is only displayed when the vehicle is stationary, but television sound can be played during a journey.