In-car technology

The new Q5 takes everyday usability to a whole new level. Intuitive control and
infotainment systems ensure your focus remains on the road while you navigate through life.



We've re-developed the Q5's Assistance Systems to give you greater peace of mind while you're on the go. This represents our next step towards autonomous driving so that you can feel safe, connected and productive in your Audi.

Adaptive cruise control* automatically slows you down as you approach traffic. By anticipating sudden obstacles, Pre-sense City can initiate emergency braking. Optional predictive efficiency assist uses navigation data to anticipate climbs, descents and traffic ahead, encouraging you to coast or freewheel safely as you approach. This allows you to reduce braking – making your drive more efficient.



The world has become more connected and so has the Q5. The new Audi Smartphone Interface lets you use smartphone apps safely while driving, such as WhatsApp, Spotify and Google Maps.

Audi Connect creates a seamless network between you and the internet, ensuring connectivity at all times in the Q5. The sophisticated infotainment and entertainment functions take comfort and driving enjoyment to a whole new level.

Intuitive controls


MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch* lets you choose from a 8.3 inch display on the dashboard and the touch-pad built into the centre console creates a highly intuitive, driver-oriented cabin.

Audi Virtual Cockpit* presents brilliant graphics on its fully digital, high-resolution 12.3 inch screen right in front of you on the dashboard. And the newly re-developed Head-up display* projects relevant information onto the windshield including Driver Assistance Systems, keeping you informed and in control at all times.

Personal navigation


The Q5 features an intuitive, self-learning Personal Route Assist* function. After activating it, the navigation system learns the routes and destinations that you regularly select, associating this information with where you park and at what time of day. It's like having your very own chauffeur.

The Q5 is calling

The all-new Audi Q5

Check out the class-leading technologies in the new Q5 yourself by booking a test drive or building a Q5 to suit your needs.

*Optional feature

Please note that not all specifications shown are UK standard. For more information please download the Q5 pricelist.