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Switch your gas and electricity to Octopus Energy for up to £90 energy bill credit²

Smart Energy Tariff

You could charge your Audi Q4 S line 40 e-tron for as little as an estimated 3p/mile¹ when you switch to Octopus Energy’s EV tariff, Intelligent Octopus Go. Also, you could now benefit from up to £90 credit towards your bill with selected new and used electric car purchases², find out more below.

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Who is Octopus Energy?

Octopus Energy is trusted by over 1.5 million UK homes to supply electricity. They have been named Which? recommended provider for energy for the last six years.

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Intelligent Octopus Go tariff

Intelligent Octopus Go is Octopus’ next generation tariff for electric vehicle charging. By communicating through your compatible home charger such as the Ohme home EV charger, Octopus is able to provide a low cost to charge your electric car for six hours every night.

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3p/mile charging with Octopus intelligent

Estimated 3p/mile charging with Intelligent Octopus Go

Audi fully electric (e-tron) and plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) customers can now benefit from the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff with which it could cost as low as an estimated 3p/mile to charge your Audi Q4 S line 40 e-tron¹. This tariff may help reduce the cost of ownership of an electric vehicle. Use our handy Total Cost of Ownership tool to explore more.

Total Cost of Ownership

Benefits of switching to Intelligent Octopus Go

  • £90 credit on energy account when both electricity and gas are switched to Intelligent Octopus Go tariff and you have or install a compatible smart meter²
  • Six hours of 7.5p/kWh³ super off-peak electricity every night from 11:30pm-05:30am
  • Award winning customer service from Which? Recommended Provider for six years running
Up to £90 energy credit with Octopus Energy

Up to £90 bill credit with Octopus Energy

Audi fully electric (e-tron) and plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) customers who switch their home energy supply (gas and electricity) to Octopus Energy, choose the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff (or have an existing account) and have or install a compatible smart meter could be eligible for up to £90 credit towards their energy bill². Available on both selected new and used car purchases.

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Get in touch with your local Audi Centre for more information, or book a test drive.

Pence per mile figures are estimates for the standard specification of the Audi Q4 S line 40 e-tron based on official WLTP test range values (311 miles). Assumes charging a 76.6kWH battery from 20-80%, with a 7.4kW smart home EV charger using 6 hours of off-peak energy + 1 hour peak energy with Octopus's Intelligent Octopus Go tariff at an external ambient temperature of 10˚C (charging takes longer and p/mile costs are higher at lower temperatures) and 100% of the battery's rated charge capacity (real world battery capacity and range will decline over time). Assumes customer will drive 8,000 miles per year. For information and comparability only. Results should not be relied upon. Real world results will be different and will depend on multiple factors including actual specification (including options and accessories fitted), type of charger used, the level of charge in the battery, the age type, condition and temperature of the charger and the battery, the power supply, ambient temperature at the point of use and other environmental factors, the individual driving style, use of heating/AC, variations in road and weather conditions, vehicle load, actual charging costs etc. Figures are subject to change due to ongoing approvals or changes in model specification. Please consult your retailer for further information. Vehicle data correct as at 25 July 2023.
New customers to Octopus Energy who: (1) are UK residents; (2) purchase a compatible new or used Audi electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle; (3) set up an Octopus Energy account for gas and/or electricity; and (4) sign up to Octopus Energy via a referral link provided by Audi will be eligible for a £45 credit for each fuel type (gas and electricity) on their Octopus Energy account. To receive the £90 credit, customers must switch both their gas and electricity to Octopus Energy. If a customer only switches one (i.e. gas or electricity, but not both), then the customer will receive a £45 credit only. The credit shall be applied once the account has been activated and the first direct debit payment has been taken. If the customer qualifies for more than one discount, Octopus Energy reserves the right to apply only one. Existing Octopus Energy customers (who joined Octopus Energy directly) are eligible for this credit offer, provided they did not join via Octopus Energy's "Refer a Friend" scheme or through a different partner and have not already received a joining reward. These customers should contact Octopus directly via existingevoffer@octoenergy.com. Some Octopus tariffs such as Intelligent Octopus Go Tariff may require installation of smart meter. Customers can find tariffs requiring smart meters on Octopus website - https://octopus.energy/tariffs/. The suitability of a smart meter depends on various factors including strength of signal, access to meter and complexity of meter set up. If a customer's house is not suitable for a smart meter installation as deemed by Octopus, then the customer can still claim the promotional £45 credit per fuel by switching to Octopus standard tariff. For further information and T&Cs, please visit https://octopus.energy/audi/. This offer is subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice.
Rates correct as of 31/07/23. Please visit Octopus website for latest tariff rates