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Let’s drive towards a more sustainable future

At Audi, we are living progress, we’re fully committed to finding sustainable ways to strive forward and protect our planet. To do so, we have a clear vision: to be completely carbon-neutral by 2050.

To get there, we built our first fully electric car (the Audi e-tron) in the world’s first CO₂ neutral factory in Brussels – you can watch a video all about that below. Today we have an exciting range of fully electric and plug-in hybrid models available including the stunning Audi e-tron GT and Q4 e-tron with more joining our line-up. We’re investing €10 billion by 2025 into the future of electric mobility. By 2025 we will have 30 new electrified models and all Audi plants are set to be carbon-neutral*. From 2026, Audi will only launch new fully-electric models and by 2030 all new car sales in the UK will be electric. Welcome to electric driving.


Introducing Audi concept cars

We’re always developing new, boundary-pushing cars. It’s part of our commitment to Vorsprung durch Technik and an electric future.

  • AI_TRAIL_mobile.jpg
    Audi AI:TRAIL

    This car combines serious off-road capabilities with autonomous functions and fully electric mobility. It also gets around quietly and without emissions—to protect the environment. A futuristic design takes the shape of a buggy-style four-door vehicle. A low centre of gravity has been created by placing the battery in the underbody and using four electric motors. And its five drones work as lighting and cameras, to make it fully visible in the dark as well as lighting the way for passengers stepping out of the car.

  • AI_ME_mobile.jpeg
    Audi AI:ME

    The design of the Audi AI:ME is all about the relaxing interior—a kind of third living space. With seats as comfortable as armchairs, and the ability to set up tables and enjoy coffee from magnetic non-sliding cups, it’s aimed at those who want to escape the city noise. Sophisticated displays are operated by touch or voice commands. The touch panel almost completely surrounds the interior and allows passengers to control seats, temperature, lighting, sound system and much more.

  • AI_CON.jpeg
    Audi AI:CON

    The Audi AI:CON has pure presence and looks spectacular from any angle—with a sharply inclined silhouette evoking a sense of forging ahead. It’s the autonomous Audi of the future. With no steering wheel, pedals, or need for a driver, it offers maximum comfort and freedom for its passengers. In an AI Zone, it can pull up to a charging station and charge its own battery, getting a range between 435 and 497.1 miles in a single charge*.

  • AI_RACE_mobile.jpeg
    Audi AI:RACE (AKA PB18)

    High-performance sports car with electric drive. The all-electric Audi AI:RACE presents a radical vision for the high-performance sports car of tomorrow. Broad and flat, visibly inspired by the race track, its very presence signals that it is destined to push boundaries. Sprinting from 0-62mph in just 2 seconds, it has a maximum output of 500kW (boosted to 570kW). And its 95kWh battery has a range of over 310 miles*, which can be fully charged in just 15 minutes*.

Electric racing. The Audi way.

From racetrack to road, we’re committed to electric. The Audi Formula E team have been obsessed by the thrilling sport since its inception in 2011. And now, with trophies and accolades in place, we’re committed to shaping the future of electric racing. Read our latest news at the link below.


Discover our electric cars

With plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars to choose from, you can step into electric driving today.

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    Our plug-in hybrid cars have a combustion engine and electric motor, giving you the best of both worlds. Range up to 41 miles.*

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    Explore e-tron

    The future awaits. Discover our fully electric Audi cars today. Range up to 323 miles.*

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