Parking assist with parking system plus.
In the area captured by the ultrasonic sensors, park assist helps find a suitable on-street parking space. The system calculates the best parking path for bay parking spaces (forwards and backwards), and the best parking and exiting paths for kerbside parking spaces.
Through precise steering manoeuvres, the system supports you when entering or exiting parking spaces. The driver simply needs to follow the instructions on the display, change gear, accelerate, brake and monitor the entire parking process. The system even assists with parking in several moves. The visual display can, based on the steering angle, warn the driver of any obstacles at the side by showing the path. The function is activated via the park assist button on the centre console.
Camera based traffic sign recognition.
Detects speed limits, no overtaking and temporary speed displays within the system's field of vision. Within the system limits, the system recognises the beginning and end of highways, motorways, localities and Traffic-calmed areas. In addition, a situation-dependent assessment in wet, fog, time-of-day speed limits, construction sites and trailer operation can be carried out. In addition, speed limits are evaluated and provided with the help of navigation data. A personalisable speed warning can be activated, which gives a visual warning if the currently permitted speed is exceeded.
Adaptive Cruise Assist.
Combines Adaptive Cruise Control with lane centre guidance to support the driver with accelerating, braking and maintaining distances, as well as helping them to stay in lane. Within system limits, Adaptive Cruise Assist uses the radar sensor built into the front of the vehicle, the front camera and the ultrasound sensor to continuously monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. The system maintains the speed and distance to the vehicle in front and conveniently helps the driver to stay in lane by means of gentle corrective steering intervention in the speed range from 0–130mph.This can increase ride comfort, especially on long journeys and in congested traffic situations. Restart is triggered automatically or manually after having stopped briefly. The driver remains responsible for controlling the vehicle and can override Adaptive Cruise Assist at any time.
Adaptive cruise control.
Automatic distance regulation, using radar sensors to maintain the required distance between vehicles ahead by braking and accelerating.

Adaptive cruise control


Camera-based traffic sign recognition


MMI Navigation Plus with high-resolution 10.1" touch screen, colour display


Park assist with parking aid Plus