Parking assist with parking system plus.
In the area captured by the ultrasonic sensors, park assist helps find a suitable on-street parking space. The system calculates the best parking path for bay parking spaces (forwards and backwards), and the best parking and exiting paths for kerbside parking spaces.
Through precise steering manoeuvres, the system supports you when entering or exiting parking spaces. The driver simply needs to follow the instructions on the display, change gear, accelerate, brake and monitor the entire parking process. The system even assists with parking in several moves. The visual display can, based on the steering angle, warn the driver of any obstacles at the side by showing the path. The function is activated via the park assist button on the centre console.
Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with 3D sound.
Surround sound playback via 15 high-performance speakers including sub woofer; 16-channel amplifier with a total output of 680 watts.
The new, virtual 3D sound effect creates an intense sound experience. This is generated by four loudspeakers in the instrument panel, two loudspeakers in the C-pillar and by the Fraunhofer technology Symphoria. The 3D sound can be generated with a variety of sources. In comparison to conventional stereo playback, this new concept creates an all-round sound through reflections on the windshield, which conveys a stronger "feeling in the middle". Thanks to intelligent signal processing, all occupants enjoy a sound that is optimised for their seat. The exclusive loudspeaker covers with aluminium applications ensure a perfect design experience. The sound image is permanently adjusted in accordance with the driving and background noise determined by the microphone.
Heated front seats.
Heating for seat and backrest centre panels. When in combination with Sport seats and leather upholstery, the side bolsters are also heated. Individually adjustable in 3 stages for driver and front passenger side via the air-conditioning controls.
Reversing Camera.
An image of the area behind the vehicle is shown on the MMI display with dynamic display modes highlighting the calculated path (steer-angle dependent). Reversing camera is concealed in the handle strip of the luggage compartment lid.

Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with 3D sound


Heated front seats


Park assist with parking aid Plus


Rear view camera system