Matrix LED headlights with dynamic rear indicators

A direct evolution of Audi’s LED headlights, Audi Matrix technology provides maximum and
precise illumination at all times whilst reducing the risk of dazzling other road users.
The vehicle uses information obtained from multiple sources including the interior mirror
camera and navigation system to identify the appropriate lighting required. Using GPS data,
the vehicle will use high beam, but will automatically switch to dipped lighting when entering
built-up areas; whilst high beam is in use, and oncoming traffic is detected, the Matrix beam dips
or fully extinguishes individual lighting diodes. Matrix beam is capable of establishing and tracking
multiple road users and illuminating the appropriate corridor of lights either side of them to maintain
maximum visibility of the road and surrounding environment without causing disruption to other drivers.
Matrix beam technology includes rear indicators which sweep from inside to out. This helps to clearly
identify not only that the vehicle is turning, but in which direction. Also includes headlight washers

Matrix LED headlights