The dynamic all-wheel steering combines the advantages of dynamic steering and all-wheel steering for increased driving dynamics and improved driving comfort through additional steerability of the rear axle. The driver is supported by active steering interventions on the front and rear axles and experiences a noticeable increase in driving dynamics and driving comfort over the entire speed range. At low speeds, the steering effort is reduced and the turning circle of the vehicle is reduced by steering the rear wheels in the opposite direction. The turning circle can be reduced by up to approx. 1.1 metres. This significantly increases the handiness of the Audi A8 L¹. If higher speeds are driven, the steering angles on the front and rear axles are specifically adjusted by steering in the same direction. The steering movements are implemented quickly and precisely. This improves the response behavior of the steering and the driving stability of the Audi A8 L¹. In addition to the dynamic control of the steering ratio and the steering angle depending on the driving situation, the steering effort is also adjusted, as with the electromechanical power steering. The system also supports vehicle stabilization via the ESC. All in all, the dynamic all-wheel steering enables easier manoeuvring, sporty handling and confident, comfortable steering.
Key Aspects:·        
  • Precise steering behavior       
  • Direct steering response     
  • Increased agility
  • Increased stability when changing lanes and taking evasive action at high speeds
  • Reduced steering wheel angle  
  • Small turning circle