Practical cool and transportation bag for underway.

The practical storage of items which should be kept cool when underway. The cooling period with this passive rear cool bag is dependant on the number and type of ice packs. The bag has a capacity of approx. 27 litre. It has various inner pockets for the stowage of smaller and larger items. The insulating inner bag is waterproof and made from food-safe material and can be removed from the main bag to clean. Use a commercially available mild cleaning solution when cleaning. The bag with an anti-slip underside is attached simply in the vehicle using the 3-point belt. In addition the bag has a carrying strap so that you can carry and use it away from the vehicle.

Technical details
Usable capacity: 27 litres

Colour: Black

Items supplied:
  • 1 passive cool bag for rear, including fitting instructions
  • The bag must be fastened/secured using the standard seat belt while driving
  • Cold packs are not included in the items supplied
  • It does not have an electrical connection
  • The cooling is carried out classically using cold packs. The size and number of cold packs influence how long the contents in the bag can be kept cool
  • The insulating liner can be removed from the bag for washing by hand
  • The insulating liner can not be used as an independent bag, but only in combination with the outer bag. Sharp and pointed objects can damage the inner insulating bag. The full operability can no longer be assured and lead to further damage to the bag

Your benefits
  • Designed to match the interior.
  • The bag is also perfectly suitable for use away from the vehicle.
  • Capacity at least 27 litre.
  • Can be easily cleaned.
  • Adjustable carrying strap.