Assist package Park with remote park assist plus                                                                          
▪ 360° camera with top view - wide-angle lenses cover the close-range area around the vehicle. The driver can choose between different image representations in the touch screen, including a live ‘bird’s-eye view’, a view of the front and rear wheels, front camera view or panoramic front and rear view
▪ Parking Assist plus with remote parking – when activated the system searches for suitable parking spaces along the road by means of ultrasonic sensors and calculates the ideal parking path. The vehicle then takes over and performs the steering, acceleration, braking and shifting of gears automatically. Remote parking can also be activated with the myAudi app allowing the vehicle to park using forward or reverse into kerbside or bay parking. The systems work only within system limits and assist with driving however, the driver remains responsible for driving the vehicle and is required to be attentive at all times.

Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System
▪ The system features 19 loudspeakers including a subwoofer and centre loudspeaker and a 16-channel amplifier with an output of 755 watts. Spatial sound reproduction through the 3D sound feature for the front seats. Includes speed-sensitive volume adjustment and illuminated loudspeakers within the front doors

Ambient lighting package plus - multi-coloured 
Includes coloured ambient lighting in the following areas: -
▪Colour coordination options available for:
· light band around roof module, front and rear
· uplighting from rear module onto centre armrest, rear
· light band, right and left in the headlining        
‧ ambient door lighting, front and rear
· ambient lighting for the instrument panel
· ambient lighting of the centre console, front
· contour lighting of the centre console, front
· contour lighting in the doors
· contour lighting of instrument panel
· door pocket lighting in white
· illuminated door sill trims, front/rear in white
Choose from 30 different colours for the customised colour profile. The colour is adjusted separately for contour and ambient lighting.

B&O 3D Premium Sound System