Sound reproduction via 23 loudspeakers including 3D sound, front and rear; loudspeakers, centre speaker and subwoofer each with their own, separate power amplifier, exclusive loudspeaker covers in aluminium and high-quality neodymium magnets; centre speaker and 2 automatically extending acoustic lenses on the instrument panel for an extremely detailed acoustic perspective in any seat. 
  • Dynamic driving noise compensation; 23-channel BeoCore amplifier; ultra-efficient ICE Power amplifiers with a total output of 1,920 watts
  • Speed-sensitive volume adjustment
  • Three-dimensional audio reproduction thanks to the 3D sound feature, front and rear. This is created by additional broadband loudspeakers in the A-pillar and in the headlining, rear by the mid-range speakers and by Fraunhofer’s new 2.0 3D Symphoria technology