With busier roads than ever, Audi technology can keep an extra eye out. This pack brings together the driver assistance systems that support long-distance driving, especially when driving in congestion and varying average speed limit zones. As well as helping you to drive more efficiently, the pack also includes advanced safety systems, especially when driving in congestion and varying average speed limit zones. As well as helping you to drive more efficiently, the pack also includes advanced safety systems.

Adaptive Cruise Assist
Supports the driver when accelerating, braking, maintaining distances, and with steering in the range of 0–124mph.* Within the system limits, the system detects the lane markings, structures next to the road, vehicles in adjacent lanes and multiple vehicles ahead. The system can be adjusted in single and 5mph increments between 19mph and 124mph.* The system will keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and maintain speed and distance, or adjust the speed to the situation. This is all made possible by the radar sensor, front camera and ultrasonic sensors that permanently monitor the vehicle surroundings. Using information such as speed restrictions, the MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch uses the data from the predictive efficiency assistant to control speed even when there are no vehicles ahead, encouraging economical driving

Predictive efficiency assistant
The system uses navigation data (e.g. speed limits, traffic signs, road bends, junctions and roundabouts) to give the driver efficiency advice in the Audi Virtual Cockpit. In combination with Adaptive Cruise Assist, the system uses the route data and speed limits to adjust the desired speed and cornering accordingly. The system activates coasting mode or braking, which can help reduce range consumption and enhance ride comfort

Camera-based traffic sign recognition
Speed limit and traffic sign display via the Audi Virtual Cockpit detects speed limits (including temporary limits) and overtaking restrictions. Within system limits, driving conditions are also displayed when driving in wet conditions. Up to 3 traffic signs can be displayed in the Audi Virtual Cockpit at any one time

Collision avoidance assistant
Supports the driver’s actions during an avoidance manoeuvre, reducing the likelihood of a collision or of swerving off the road. The system provides additional steering torque and uses the vehicle sensors to calculate the optimum path of avoidance

Turn assist
When turning at junctions, from the moment the turn indicators are activated, the turn assist system detects approaching vehicles and applies braking to help avoid a collision

Lane departure warning with emergency assist
Helps, within the system limits, to prevent unintentional departure from the lane. When the system is active and operational, and if the driver has not turned on the indicator, the lane departure warning performs corrective steering interventions to prevent the vehicle traversing from the lane. The driver may select an additional steering wheel vibration as desired. Operating range from approximately 37mph to a maximum of 124mph.* The emergency assist detects, within system limits, when the driver is inactive. When this happens, it warns the driver visually, acoustically, and haptically. If no response is received, the system takes over vehicle guidance and brings it to an automatic standstill in its own lane. This activates Audi Pre-sense Basic protective measures and prepares the vehicles for occupant rescue. An automatic emergency call is placed, if available

Not available in combination with Heated 4-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel (2ZM)

Vehicle driver assistance and safety systems are not a substitute for attentive driving. Drivers retain full responsibility for providing the necessary inputs for safe control of the vehicle.
System descriptions are provided for information purposes only.
System limitations and operational requirements apply. See manual for details.
*Where the law permits.


MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch