Flat top and bottomed twin-spoke leather multifunction Sport steering wheel with shift paddles for recuperation

The steering wheel is manually adjustable in height and reach. The steering wheel comes with multifunction buttons with touch operation for convenient operation of the extensive range of standard and optional infotainment features. Shift paddles make it possible to change gear manually. The shift paddles can also be used to manually switch between recuperation stages. If the driver releases the accelerator, recuperation can convert kinetic energy into electricity depending on the situation and in line with requirements. This electricity can then be used to charge the battery, which can lead to increased efficiency and additional range. The three recuperation stages that can be selected take individual requirements into account and differ in deceleration and the amount of energy recovered as a result. At the maximum recuperation level, the vehicle can be driven almost entirely using the accelerator and without applying the brakes, bringing to life the one-pedal feeling. At the minimum level, recuperation is fully disabled and the vehicle conveniently rolls in “coasting” status.