Specification in addition or replacement to Edition 1

- 21" x 8.5J (front) 9.0J (rear) 5-arm rotor 'evo' Audi Sport alloy wheels, matt titanium grey, gloss turned, with 235/45 (front) 255/40 (rear) R21 tyres

Performance and suspension
- Suspension with damper control

- Front Sports seats in Fine Nappa leather with integrated head restraints and 'S' embossing on the front seat backrest. Includes contrast stitching with a rhombus pattern              

Exterior equipment
- Panoramic glass sunroof              
- Contrast bumpers in Manhattan grey paint finish              

Audio & Communication
- Virtual Cockpit Plus - includes additional display option 'e-tron'      
- SONOS Premium Sound System - The harmoniously coordinated 10 high-performance loudspeakers including centre speaker and subwoofer create an outstanding sound experience. The sound booster increases the output of the internal amplifier to 580 watts         
- Rear 12V socket and 2 x USB-C connections for charging devices              

Driver Assistance***
- Augmented reality head-up display
As required, the augmented reality head-up display projects the speed and other information relevant to the driver from equipment such as assist and navigation systems, as well as warning messages onto the windscreen, thus producing a virtual image in the driver’s direct field of vision. In addition to the classic head-up display area for displays such as speed, the augmented reality head-up display offers a second display area that allows display content to blend with the real surroundings thanks to the considerably larger image and the large projection distance. This enables information to be presented even more intuitively and makes it easier for the driver to understand information quickly and with minimum distraction. The augmented reality display can be activated/deactivated separately. The display position can be adjusted to suit the user. (height adjustment)
- Audi Parking System Plus
Using data captured by the ultrasonic sensors integrated into the bumpers, the front and rear acoustic and visual parking system assists the driver with entering and exiting parking spaces and with manoeuvring. Based on the steering angle and direction of travel, the distance to detected objects is shown in a selective, optical display on the MMI screen. Obstacles detected outside the driving path are shown as a white segment. Red segments represent obstacles in the driving path. A virtual driving path display additionally provides guidelines at the sides, which are calculated in advance based on the current steering angle. Activated by selecting reverse gear, via a button on the centre console or automatically as soon as the distance to a detected object is less than approximately 90 cm. Automatic activation can be enabled and disabled
- Audi Pre-sense Basic and Pre-sense Rear
Audi pre sense basic networks and compares different vehicle systems to initiate, within system limits, preventive measures to protect the vehicle’s occupants. If the driving situation becomes unstable, the front seat belts are tensioned electrically. Depending on the situation, the windows and – if installed – the sunroof are closed. The hazard warning lights are activated to warn following traffic.
Audi pre sense rear uses data from the radar sensors at the rear of the vehicle and calculates, within system limits, the probability of a rear-end collision with the vehicle behind. If a risk of collision with the vehicle behind is detected, the safety measures of Audi pre sense can be triggered."              
- Audi Side Assist 
Two radar sensors installed on the rear record vehicles approaching from behind at the side. The distance and the speed difference of the vehicles can be measured and analysed. In the event of a situation deemed critical for a lane change, the system warns the driver by means of LED displays in the relevant exterior mirror. If the system detects a critical situation at the moment the driver signals to indicate a lane change, it warns the driver by additionally flashing the warning LEDs. The system operates at speeds between approximately 10mph and top speed***** and can be activated via the car menu in the MMI touch display. If the doors are opened when the vehicle is stationary, the exit warning alerts you to potential collisions with other road users, e.g. vehicles and cyclists approaching from behind. If a situation is deemed critical, the driver is warned as soon as the door handle is pulled by flashing of the LED display on the exterior mirror on the appropriate side and acoustically by an additional warning tone  
- Cross-traffic assist rear
Rear cross-traffic assist can warn passengers about a potential collision with approaching moving objects (e.g. vehicles in cross traffic) when reversing (e.g. when exiting a parking space). When exiting a parking space, the radar sensors monitor the area to the vehicle’s rear and sides. If the system deems situations to be especially critical, it provides the driver with a visual warning in the MMI touch display. When reversing, an acoustic signal and, if necessary, a brake pulse can be provided as additional warnings.
- Reversing camera
Within system limits, the reversing camera monitors the area behind the vehicle. The image is depicted depending on steering angle in the MMI display using dynamic display elements. The reversing camera is activated by selecting reverse gear or via a button on the centre console      
- Adaptive cruise control with speed limiter 
Within system limits, adaptive cruise control detects vehicles ahead with the aid of a radar sensor and keeps the set speed and distance to the vehicle in front largely constant within the control range. The speed range within which the system is available is between 0 mph and the top speed*****. The control range starts at 19mph. In stop-and-go traffic, vehicles can brake to a standstill and start up again automatically. The system is operated by means of a separate steering column stalk. The distance can be adjusted in five stages; the system’s dynamics can be adjusted via Audi drive select or the menu. Above approx. 19mph, the adjustable speed limiter helps the vehicle stay within a previously set maximum speed when driving through built-up areas. The vehicle is slowed gently when the set limit is reached. The driver can operate the accelerator pedal up to the kickdown point without the vehicle accelerating beyond the set speed. The speed limiter can be overridden at any time by kickdown, e.g. for an overtaking manoeuvre, until the vehicle speed drops below the set maximum speed again. Restricting the vehicle speed to a required limit (including active brake intervention) can enhance both driving comfort and driving safety. The system is operated by means of a separate steering column stalk. The set maximum speed and the system status are displayed in the digital instrument cluster. In conjunction with camera-based traffic sign recognition, the speed limiter can automatically set the detected speed limit as the maximum speed if so required
- Adaptive Cruise Assist
Combines the functionality of adaptive cruise control with active lane assist. Adaptive cruise assist helps the driver accelerate, brake and maintain speed and distance as well as stay in lane. This can increase driving comfort, especially on long journeys. The system maintains the speed and distance to the vehicle in front and conveniently helps the driver to stay in lane by means of corrective steering intervention in the speed range from 0mph to its top speed*****. At the same time, the set speed remains constant and the system reacts to vehicles ahead by controlling the distance. The vehicle starts moving again automatically or, after being stationary briefly, its restart is initiated by the driver. Adaptive cruise assist uses the radar sensor built into the front end of the vehicle, the front camera and the ultrasonic sensors to permanently monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. The driver remains responsible for driving the vehicle and can deactivate the adaptive cruise assist at any time. In addition, the system is supported by a steering wheel with hands-on-wheel detection, which detects whether the driver has their hands on the steering wheel. In this way, the system checks whether the driver is paying the necessary attention.              
- Emergency assist – is an extension of adaptive cruise assist or lane departure warning and detects, within system limits, if the driver is inactive. In such instances, the system provides the driver with a visual, acoustic and haptic warning. If the driver does not respond, the system assumes control of the vehicle, automatically bringing it to a stop in its own lane. The hazard warning lights are activated      
- Advanced key –Wireless communication lets you unlock your vehicle at all doors and the luggage compartment lid. You simply need to carry the convenience key with you; it does not need to be operated actively. The vehicle can be locked again via the sensors on the door handles. The engine is switched on and off via the engine start-stop button. In conjunction the electric luggage compartment lid, you can unlock and lock the tailgate conveniently using a foot gesture (kicking motion) at the rear.  
***Vehicle driver assistance and safety systems are not a substitute for attentive driving. Drivers retain full responsibility for providing the necessary inputs for safe control of the vehicle. System descriptions within this pricelist are provided for information purposes only. System limitations and operational requirements apply. See manual for details.
***** Where the law permits.