Protects the luggage compartment against soiling and prevents items from sliding around.

The practical luggage compartment tray with its surrounding edge protects the floor of your luggage compartment from wet and dirt. The form stable plastic tray is waterproof. The structure reduces the slippage of carried items.

Colour: anthracite

Items supplied: 
  • 1 luggage compartment tray
  • only for TFSI e models
  • the luggage compartment tray is designed for use when the sliding rear seat is at the maximum position (fully to rear). A gap exists between the rear seat and the tray when the rear seat is not set in the maximum sliding position. The luggage compartment tray is also usable on models with a rigid rear seat bench. In this case a gap exists between rear seat bench and tray

Your benefits
  • For the transportation of soiled and wet items
  • Protects against soiling and wetting of the luggage compartment floor
  • Surface structure reduces slippage of load
  • Durable material quality