Audi Connect (36-month subscription) with Amazon Alexa

Audi Connect with Amazon Alexa Integration 

Amazon Alexa is fully integrated into the Audi Connect system providing access to Alexa functionality through use of Voice and MMI controls. Alexa can be controlled using the same standard commands as Amazon Alexa in the home by starting the request with “Alexa….”. 

Amazon Alexa features:

  • Newsflash
  • Shopping list
  • Weather updates
  • Calendar
  • Amazon Shopping
  • Knowledge (inc. sports, movies, quizzes)
  • Smart Home control
  •  Access to Streaming services (fully integrated into the MMI)
    • Amazon Music
    • Audible and Kindle audio book 


Amazon Alexa functionality requires an Amazon Account and a myAudi account, the two are linked through the MMI providing access to the above features. Amazon Alexa works off the customer's data plan.

Alexa notifications e.g. existing calendar items are not sent through to the vehicle's MMI.

Additional requirements: Voice Control needs to be activated in the MMI for Alexa to functions.