Audi HD Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser light, and dynamic front and rear indicatiors

Audi HD Matrix LED technology provides precise and higher-resolution illumination of the road whilst reducing the disk of dazzling other road users. The Coming and Leaving Home function displays unique animations within the front and rear lights when the car is locked and unlocked. Using information obtained from the vehicle's sensors, camera and MMI Navigation, the HD Matrix LED headlights identify the appropriate lighting required and automatically dip or turn off individual lighting diodes, creating corridors of light on either side of the vehicle or the object in front of it.

The Audi laser light supplements the LED high beam at higher speeds and provides the driver with noticeably more safety and convenience by almost doubling the visual range. The laser light can be visually distinguished with the blue LED lighting surround.

In addition to the HD Matrix LED function, the headlights have the following functions: visually upgraded daytime running lights, dipped beam, high beam, position light, dynamic indicator, turning light (supplements lateral illumination when turning off), all-weather light (to reduce reflected glare in poor visibility conditions), manoeuvring light (illumination of the front side manoeuvring area when reversing), motorway light (extended range at high speeds) as well as automatic-dynamic headlight range control.

The HD Matrix LED headlight also performs the dynamic cornering light function. Assisted by navigation data, the cornering light thus reacts briefly before steering into the bend.