Matrix LED headlights with dynamic indicators

The Audi Matrix LED technology combines LED light sources with precision optics for highly adaptive light distribution. If vehicles are detected by the camera system, the system selectively blanks out only the area of the detected vehicle while all other segments of the high beam remain active. Switching between the respective light distributions and regulation while oncoming traffic is passing are visible in the headlights as dynamic operations. The driver enjoys much greater visibility.

In addition to the Matrix LED function, the headlights have the following functions: visually upgraded daytime running lights, dipped beam, high beam, position light, dynamic indicator, turning light (supplements lateral illumination when turning off), all-weather light (to reduce reflected glare in poor visibility conditions), manoeuvring light (illumination of the front side manoeuvring area when reversing), motorway light (extended range at high speeds) as well as automatic-dynamic headlight range control.

The Matrix LED headlight also performs the dynamic cornering light function. Assisted by navigation data, the cornering light thus reacts briefly before steering into the bend.