Matrix LED headlights "The Audi Matrix LED technology combines a camera system with LED light sources and precision optics for highly adaptive light distribution.
When other road users are detected, the system selectively blocks the area of the detected vehicle only, while the high beam remains active in the other segments. Maximum illumination is therefore available at all times, within system limits. Switching between the different light distributions and the control when oncoming vehicles are passing are visible as dynamic processes in the headlight and are configured to provide optimum lighting comfort for the driver.

In addition to Audi Matrix LED functionality, the headlights have the following functions: Daytime running lights, low beam, position light, indicators, turning light (additional side illumination on tight curves and when turning), all-weather light (to reduce glare for driver in poor visibility), manoeuvring light (illumination of pivot range when reversing) motorway beam (extended headlight range from a speed of 68 mph), and automatic dynamic headlight range control.
The LEDs of the Audi Matrix LED headlights also perform the dynamic cornering light function. With navigation-based vehicle support, it responds just before the driver turns the wheel.

With headlight cleaning system