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There's never been a better time to join us, as a leader in the premium automotive sector; our vision is to shape the future of premium mobility.

Careers at Audi

Ours is an exceptional brand that is continually progressing and leading in providing the latest innovative technologies and solutions to the challenges our customers are facing every day. We are fuelled by a passion to create the ultimate customer experience, which is why we are looking to invest in individuals who can help us achieve our ambitious plans.


Audi ​UK ​Head ​Office

The ​Audi ​UK ​team, based in Milton Keynes, ​covers ​many ​areas, ​from ​operations, ​to ​product ​management, ​to franchising, ​and ​much ​more.


VWG ​Graduate ​and ​Undergraduate ​Schemes

It ​takes ​courage ​to ​challenge ​the ​ordinary. ​We’re ​looking ​for ​a ​group ​of ​exceptional Graduates ​and ​Undergraduates ​who’ve ​got ​the ​confidence, ​ambition ​and ​ability ​to become ​future ​leaders ​of ​the ​Volkswagen ​Group ​UK.

Audi ​Apprentices

Learn ​how ​you ​can ​earn ​while ​training ​for ​a ​career ​as ​a ​Service ​Technician, ​Parts ​Advisor or ​Service ​Advisor.


Audi ​Centre ​Careers

Your ​future ​could ​look ​very ​different.

Audi ​has ​ambitious ​plans ​for ​the ​future ​and ​we ​need ​the ​right ​people ​in ​our ​network ​of Audi ​Centres ​to ​help ​us ​achieve ​them.

Whilst ​we ​value ​experience, ​we ​don’t ​just ​look ​at ​what ​you ​can ​currently ​do, ​but ​what ​you are ​capable ​of ​doing. ​We ​look ​for ​people ​who ​are ​passionate, ​responsible ​and ​spirited with ​the ​drive ​to ​delight ​our ​customers ​by ​giving ​them ​the ​best ​possible ​Audi ​experience.

If ​you ​are ​able ​to ​demonstrate ​that ​you ​live ​and ​breathe ​these ​values, ​and ​are ​successful at ​securing ​a ​role ​with ​an ​Audi ​Centre, ​you ​will ​be ​welcomed ​and ​valued ​as ​part ​of ​our team. ​You ​will ​also ​be ​able ​to ​draw ​on ​the ​extensive ​range ​of ​learning ​and ​development opportunities ​provided ​by ​our ​National Learning Centre.

Contact your local Audi Centre for latest vacancies.