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Repair Partnering with Audi

Information for Retailers and Independent repairers.

Becoming an Audi Sales and Service Centre

If you're interested in becoming an Audi Sales and Service Centre, please apply in writing to the address below: Audi Network Development, Audi UK, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5AN

Becoming an Audi Authorised Repairer

If you're interested in becoming an Audi Authorised Repairer, please apply via email to the address below:

Audi Network Development -

You will then be contacted by Audi UK who will require that you complete a Confidentially Agreement and pay a £2,500 application fee.

Following receipt of both of these, Audi UK will require that you:

1) Understand and meet all aspects of the Audi Authorised Repairer Standards.
2) Complete a physical audit undertaken by Audi UK appointed auditors.
3) Successfully complete the authorisation audit, which will be confirmation that you have achieved the standards.

Following this you will be awarded an Audi Authorised Repairer Agreement.


If you would like any information about technical or non-technical training please contact our National Learning Centre and they will be able to help you with details of available courses and how to book. The National Learning Centre can be contacted on 01908 601595 or email us here.

Tools & Equipment

Should you require information, please consult the free to use tools and equipment catalogue. You can also place an order for tools and equipment here too.

Information for independent repairers

To ​repair ​vehicles ​and ​to ​source ​Audi ​special ​tools, ​please ​consult ​the ​technical ​literature provided ​by ​Audi ​via ​the Erwin ​website. If ​you ​encounter ​any ​issues, ​we ​will ​assist ​in ​your ​repair ​actions. ​We ​hope ​you understand ​that ​our ​one ​precondition ​is ​that ​you ​have ​the ​literature ​required, ​a sufficiently ​trained ​service ​team ​and ​the ​necessary ​equipment, ​tools ​and ​measurement equipment.

Diagnostic System

​For Diagnostic ​System ​(Security ​and ​component ​protection ​e.g ​key ​code, ​radio ​code ​etc) contact ​us ​here.​

Technical Support

Please ​​contact ​our ​Technical ​Support ​team here.​