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Progress through technology

Innovation is built into every Audi – and we strive to live Vorsprung durch Technik. Technology is our passion. Our drive. And it’s what makes an Audi a leap into smarter driving. Our vision is to create the sustainable premium mobility of tomorrow. By boldly moving forward, we live this vision every day through innovations large and small.

Audio & visual innovation

See and hear the difference with innovative lighting and visibility technologies, alongside progressive audio integrations making every journey as enjoyable as the first.

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    Premium sound system

    Bang & Olufsen 3D Premium Sound System provides 705 watts through 16 loudspeakers including a subwoofer. The 3D sound delivers impressive three-dimensional sound reproduction for the front seats.

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    Apple Music integration

    Apple Music is integrated into the MMI infotainment system with over 90 million searchable tracks at your fingertips commercial free (Apple music subscription required, as well as additional data plan).

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    Audi Matrix LED lights

    Audi HD Matrix LED technology provides precise and higher-resolution illumination of the road whilst reducing the risk of dazzling other road users.

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    360 visuals

    The 360 camera is a visual innovation providing a wide angle and birds eye view of the vehicle when parking. This allows you to have full visibility of your close-range surroundings.

Electric & hybrid technology

Innovation is built into every Audi – and our plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars are no exception. With sophisticated batteries, forward thinking infotainment and innovative driving systems for safety and control, an electrified Audi is a leap into smarter driving.

AR Head-up display

This head-up display uses augmented reality to project important information directly onto the driver's windshield. Animated and dynamic, it allows you to keep your eyes on the road.

Available as part of an optional pack on Q4 e-tron models.

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Virtual mirrors

Virtual mirrors. Real ingenuity. With rear-facing cameras replacing glass mirrors, virtual mirrors offer more precision - and less wind drag.

Available as standard on Q8 e-tron Vorsprung models or optional across the Q8 e-tron range.

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Assist & connect

Future thinking driver assistance technology and connectivity puts you at the centre of every drive.

Night Vision

The Night Vision system assists when driving at night by displaying an infrared thermal image of the vehicle's surroundings. It automatically detects potentially hazardous situations and warns the driver.

Audi driver assistance

To help ensure that each drive in your Audi is as smooth as the next, a range of driver assistance technology is available across our range. Features include camera-based traffic sign recognition, lane assist and Audi pre-sense front.

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quattro all-wheel drive technology

Fully variable quattro drives ensures that power is distributed intelligently to the individual wheels to enhance handling, control and driving experience. quattro technology is available on a range of our fully electric (e-tron), plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) and combustion engine cars.

Electric quattro: The electric quattro system provides all-wheel drive via an electric motor at the front and rear of the car. The torque is continuously fully variable between the front and rear axles and can adjust within a fraction of a second to ensure the correct level of traction.

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Please use model configurator to determine the quattro derivatives within each model.