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From taking advantage of grants and incentives, to joining the movement for our planet’s sustainable future, there are lots of reasons to go electric today.

With an exciting range of fully electric and plug-in hybrid models available and our sights set on being completely CO₂ neutral by 2050, we’re transforming our business – and your driving experience.

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    Fully electric e-trons

    The future awaits. Discover the fully electric Audi collection. Range up to 320 miles¹.

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    Plug-in hybrid TFSI e

    Our plug-in hybrid cars have a combustion engine and electric motor, giving you the best of both worlds. Range up to 41 miles¹.

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    Full range of electric & hybrid cars

    A wide range of fully electric and plug-in hybrid to choose from, as well as exciting concept cars.

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Electric offers

Take advantage of our current offers, relating to both fully electric and plug-in hybrid Audis. From reduced price home charging wall boxes³, to 4,500 miles of free electric driving², there are more reasons than ever to go electric today.

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Electric & hybrid benefits

There are so many benefits to owning an electric Audi, here are just some of them:

  • Reduced car tax (VED rates and Benefit In Kind)
  • Less frequent servicing than a combustion car
  • Travel for 5p per mile in a new fully electric Q4 e-tron 40 Sport, compared to 26p on a combustion vehicle⁴
  • Fully electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions
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Electric mileage range

To make sure your fully electric Audi covers the distance you need, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with practical hints and tips that will help you get the most from every charge.

If you’re considering an Audi e-tron, you can also use our range calculator to see how factoring in driving in different scenarios, the driving mode you choose, the outside temperature and size of your tyres affects the realistic range of your chosen electric Audi.


Curious about charging?

From how to charge, to how to protect the longevity of your battery, we’ve got all the information you need to know about plugging in.

Charging times will vary depending on whether you are charging at home or on the go, if you are considering an Audi e-tron, use our charging calculator to estimate the charging time for your journey.

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Electric technology

Every Audi reacts to the road, to the conditions and to you. Electric Audi vehicles are no exception.

Discover the latest advances, such as recuperation which charges the battery as you drive, and the latest smart connected car technology that links you, your car and your smartphone.

EV&me app

Is electric right for me? EV&me app

Download the EV&me app to see if changing to a fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle could be right for you.

Track your journeys and compare your the average running costs of an electric vehicle against your current car.

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    e-tron easy guide films

    Whether you’re a new e-tron owner or still deciding whether it’s the right car for you, we’ve created 22 short films to help you understand electric vehicles better.

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    Is electric right for your business?

    Efficient and low-emission, fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars offer many advantages to your business. If you’re thinking of making the switch into electric for your next car or company car, we’ve created a simple tool.

    The tool asks a series of simple questions to help identify which fuel type is right for you, whether fully electric, plug-in hybrid, petrol or diesel. The results will show the vehicles in our range you may wish to consider.

All vehicles are tested according to WLTP technical procedures. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and equivalent electric range figures with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including but not limited to optional factory fitted options , accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, road and traffic conditions, individual driving styles, vehicle load , vehicle condition, using systems like climate control (and, for battery electric vehicles, the starting charge of the battery). Figures for plug-in hybrid vehicles were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. Plug-in hybrid vehicles require mains electricity for charging. Figures for battery electric vehicles were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. Battery electric vehicles require mains electricity for charging. Zero emissions while driving. Figures quoted are subject to change due to ongoing approvals/changes and range figures may include options not available in the UK. Please consult your local Audi Centre for further information. Data correct at October 2021
New customers to Octopus Energy who purchase an Audi electric vehicle and who set up an account for gas and/or electricity and sign up via the referral link provided by Audi UK will be eligible for free miles in the form of £45 credit per fuel type on their energy account. To receive £90 credit, customers must switch both fuels (gas and electricity) to Octopus Energy. If only one account is switched, the customer will receive £45 credit. The credit shall be applied once the account is on supply and the first direct debit payment has been taken. If you qualify for more than one marketing incentive, Octopus reserves the right to give you just one incentive. To benefit from the Octopus Go tariff, the customer must have a SMETS2 smart meter or a SecureTM branded SMETS1 meter that they have agreed to let Octopus receive half-hourly consumption data from. There are some instances where a smart meter installation is not possible, for example remote areas with poor mobile signal. Where smart meter installation is not possible, customers can sign up to an Octopus standard tariff and still receive the £45 credit per fuel type. For the Q4 e-tron SUV 40 S line, at Octopus' Go tariff off-peak rate (7.5 p/kWh), £90 credit is equivalent to an estimated figure of up to 4,500 miles. This is based on a usable battery capacity of 76.6 kWh and official WLTP test range of 308 miles, giving an efficiency average of 0.25 kWh/mile. Efficiency differs depending on multiple variables, such as driving style, driving conditions and vehicle configuration. Figures (including official range, efficiency average and estimated mileage equivalent to the credit value) may not reflect the real life driving results you achieve. If the vehicle is not charged during the off-peak window £90 credit is equivalent to up to approximately 1100 miles based on the peak electricity price of 30.73/kWh. Existing Octopus Energy customers who joined Octopus Energy directly and purchase an electric vehicle from Audi can still avail this offer and should contact Octopus Energy directly on evoffers@octopus.energy to request a switch and/or add credit to their account. Existing customers must not have claimed other Octopus joining rewards (and must not have joined via a refer a friend scheme or another Octopus partner) to be eligible. Audi UK reserves the right to withdraw the offer without notice. Correct as of January 2022.
New Q4 e-tron, Q4 Sportback e-tron, e-tron, e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT customers who place an order from the 1st April – 31st December 2022 and have an installation of before 1st April 2023 can receive a subsidised Pod Point 7kW home wallbox with standard installation for £599 RRP. The wall box must be ordered from PodPoint via a participating Audi Centre at the time of ordering your new Audi e-tron. Please request the offer at the time of vehicle order to ensure your order is placed by the Audi Centre. UK retail and fleet customers purchasing a new Audi e-tron from participating Audi Centres only. Please speak to your local Audi Centre for more information. The discounted £599 wall box included in the offer is a 7kW Pod Point Solo wallbox with standard installation only. The availability of standard installation depends on various factors including the age and condition of the existing wiring at the property and the location of the nearest electricity point/meter. To find out whether you are likely to qualify for standard installation, please visit here (https://pod-point.com/standard-install-and-olev-terms-conditions). Standard installation is subject to survey. You will have the option to choose between a universal socket or tethered unit. Supply, installation and maintenance of the wall box will be subject to a separate contract between the customer and Pod Point. Neither Audi UK nor the Audi Centre can accept any responsibility in connection with that contract and any customer queries or claims must be directed to Pod Point. Customers will need to liaise directly with Pod Point in connection with survey and installation. Any additional costs for example additional accessories, wall box upgrades, non-standard installation, must be paid for by the customer. Wallboxes are non-transferable and non-refundable and there is no cash or other alternative. However, Audi UK reserves the right to include a different wallbox and installation, of equivalent or greater value, within the offer. If an Audi e-tron order is cancelled after installation of the wallbox, then the customer will be liable to repay to Pod Point the fees paid by Audi UK in connection with the wallbox and standard installation. If the customer cancels an Audi e-tron order before the installation has taken place then no charges will be made. This does not affect customers' statutory rights. Subject to availability and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. UK sales only (excludes Channel Islands and Isle of Man).
Calculation based on Q4 e-tron 40 Sport with an electric range of up to 314 (WLTP cycle) vs Q3 35 TFSI Sport S tronic with a combined 44.1 mpg (WLTP consumption). Average price of petrol 145.7p as of January 2022 (Source AA). Average price of electricity 21p/kWh (Source Nimble Fins using UK Gov figures ) as correct January 2022.

Models shown are not UK specification. Please use model configurator to view UK specifications.