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audi charging service

Audi charging service

For plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars

Discover the freedom of electric mobility

With Audi charging enjoy access to thousands of public charging points across the UK and Europe.


Your charging service

Audi charging service offers access to one of the largest public charging networks in Europe.

  • Approximately 617,000 public charging points in 27 European countries (as of February 2024)
  • Flexibility based on your personal charging profile through the choice of three tariffs (basic, plus, pro)
  • Convenient payment for charging processes with RFID card via the myAudi app or via Plug & Charge²
  • Everything important visible at a glance via the myAudi app

Benefits of freedom

  • Choose from three tariffs (basic, plus, pro) based on your charging needs
  • High powered charging: discounted price at IONITY charging stations with the pro tariff
  • No blocking fee for AC charging during the period from 9 pm to 9 am of the following day
  • 1 year free pro tariff subscription for new e-tron customers³

Want to find out more or need help signing up? Speak to your local Audi Centre.

audi charging service

How to sign up?

  • 1. Download myAudi app

    Register your vehicle and the main user.

    Download myAudi app
  • 2. Choose the tariff that suits you

    Select your Audi charging tariff, subscribe and order your Audi charging card all via the myAudi app.

  • 3. Activate your card

    Get charging immediately via the myAudi app or the Audi charging card, following activation.

Manage your charging with myAudi

The myAudi app gives you full control and visibility of your Audi charging service account. It enables you to have quick and simple access to functions such as:

  • Contract management
  • Start and stop charging sessions
  • Invoice overview
  • Search for charging stations and tariff your route (accessible charging stations are marked with Audi rings)
Discover myAudi

Benefits of Audi charging service

  • D-Card_2col-01.jpeg
    One card - one contract

    Access thousands of charging stations across the UK and Europe with one card.

  • D-Card_2col-02.jpeg
    Easy to Use

    All you need to activate the charge and payment is the Audi charge card or myAudi app. Simple and fast.

  • D-Card_2col-03.jpeg
    Freedom to travel

    Standardised prices mean that you can travel freely and easily without having to compare prices. All you need is one contract and you can charge your car in many European countries – without any extra roaming costs.

How to find and use charging stations

How to use the Audi charging service

You can access Audi Charging Service through the myAudi app, click below for a step-by-step process video.

Watch the video

Find charging points with myAudi & car navigation

You can find Audi Charging Service points through your car's navigation or myAudi app. These are easily identifiable by the Audi rings.

Fast charging network with IONITY


Express charging with IONITY

IONITY is a company that lets you express-charge your electric vehicle along arterial roads and motorways in 24 European countries. For example, the Audi e-tron GT quattro takes approximately 23 minutes for a 5-80% charge⁷, thanks to its 270 kw DC charging capability. High powered charging also comes at discounted price at IONITY charging stations with the pro tariff.

Find out more

Explore our FAQs for more information

Ready for the next step?

Get in touch with your local Audi Centre for more information, or find out more about our other electric offers.

Audi charging is an offer from Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (Elli), Mollstrasse 1, 10178 Berlin Access and network: the number of accessible charging points is continually evolving. Audi charging can only be used for electrified models of the Audi brand (a vehicle identification number is required). Europe-wide access: Audi charging will be available in the following countries from 01/01/2023 (as per information from 01/01/2023): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The number of charging points provided is continually being developed but is country-specific and depends on the degree of development of the available infrastructure. There is no entitlement to be able to access every charging point in a country. AUDI AG does not guarantee the operation, availability, charging performance or any other characteristics of the charging infrastructure. The location information about the number of charging points is updated regularly; no claim is made to its completeness. Authentication via myAudi App (QR code on the charging point) requires an active radio and Internet connection. Not every authentication method is available at all charging points. Prices within individual European countries are uniform but can differ from the price in Germany.
The use of Plug & Charge requires a Plug & Charge-compatible tariff (basic, plus, pro) as well as a Plug & Charge-compatible vehicle. Please speak to your local Audi centre with regards to product compatibility. Plug & Charge is available across the IONITY and BP Pulse charging networks with further networks to follow.
Customers who have taken out an Audi charging pro tariff and who use a fully electric Audi (cash purchase, lease, financing) can be exempted from the basic fee. Their vehicle must correspond to either the current or the previous year's model year. This offer is only valid for the first contract that is taken out and cannot be transferred to others. After one year, the normal conditions for the tariff apply. This promotion from AUDI AG will be displayed to you upon concluding a contract via the myAudi app which is connected to a main user. You can take advantage of the discounted price starting 01/01/2023. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are excluded from this offer.
The charging rates shown and the charging card are an offer from Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (Elli). To take out these tariffs, you will need a myAudi account and the myAudi app. The fully electric Audi model (based on the chassis number) and a main user must have been set up within the myAudi app.
All prices shown here include statutory value-added tax. Valid for UK only. Charging rates for other countries will vary and can be accessed via the tariff details (see tariff overview) as well as via the myAudi app. Time-based rates can apply in some countries. Prices are subject to change, always refer to the myAudi app for the latest pricing
All prices shown here include statutory value-added tax. Valid for UK. Prices for other countries can be accessed via the tariff details (see tariff overview) as well as via the myAudi app. Prices are subject to change, always refer to the myAudi app for the latest pricing.
Timings based on a 5 to 80% charge of an Audi e-tron GT quattro using an ultra-rapid DC public charge station at the vehicle’s maximum charging capability. Ultra rapid charging stations are still limited in the UK, with numbers planned to increase. Actual charging times will vary depending on various factors, including the selected vehicle (and battery option, if available), the type of charger used, the level of charge in the battery, the age type, condition and temperature of the charger and the battery, the power supply, ambient temperature at the point of use and other environmental factors. Charging times will also be affected by the charging curve (for example, once charging passes 80%, charging will slow to protect the battery's longevity) and will be longer if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.