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Charge Anytime

Switch to OVO and with the Charge Anytime tariff you can charge at any time of day for 7p per kWh. You could also get up to 10,000 free miles when you purchase a new fully electric Audi*.

Who is OVO?

It's not just Charge Anytime that makes OVO one of the UK's leading green energy suppliers. They believe there's a better way to do energy.

  • Millions of people trust them
 They power millions of UK homes with energy. So you know for sure you'll be in safe hands.
  • Planting promise
 Every year, they plant 1 million trees in the UK*.
  • Easily manage your energy
 The OVO free mobile app to quickly check your balance, submit metre readings and keep an eye on your energy use.

  • Save cash and carbon
 Find out when it's the greenest time to use energy – and get tailored tips on how to save money for your home.
  • Path to Zero
 OVO can help reduce your energy bills and our collective carbon footprint. Join us on the path to energy that's better for you, your wallet and the planet.

Introducing Charge Anytime

Switch to OVO Energy and add the Charge Anytime tariff to your plan for free. It means you can charge your EV for 7p per kWh at any time, day or night.

Get up to 10,000 free miles worth of charging*

Simply join OVO and add Charge Anytime to your plan for free when you purchase a new fully electric Audi.

Why Switch to OVO

  • Cheaper EV charging

    Charge Anytime gives you access to a smart charging rate of 7p/kwh any time you charge your EV.

  • Electric offers

    Get up to 10,000 free miles when you purchase a new fully electric Audi and switch to OVO*. Plus, an additional 1,000 free miles per year for up to 3 years after you start Charge Anytime*.

  • Greener and smarter

    Your EV is always charged when the grid is greenest* thanks to smart charging; you set the time you need your car charged by and OVO’s smart tech takes care of the rest.

How Charge Anytime works

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    1. Opt in to smart charging

    Just connect your EV or charger with your OVO account and opt in for EV smart charging.

  • 3DMMedia_text_combo-01-1.jpeg
    2. Set your electric car to charge

    Choose when you want your EV charged, and we'll work out the greenest time to charge*.

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    3. See credit in your account

    We add Charge Anytime credit to your bill each month. This means you’ll always get our smart charging rate of 7p per kWh.

OVO Beyond

Not quite ready to make the switch to an EV? OVO Beyond is the first tariff of it's kind and lets you bank up to 150 free EV miles a month for the next 2 years through the Energy Savings Account*. You can then redeem them when you purchase a new fully electric Audi.

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