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Explore everything you need to know about looking after your electric vehicle
and how Audi is here to support you in your EV ownership journey.

A joy to own

Let the Audi experts take care of your electric car. By maintaining your e-tron through the trusted Audi network, you can be confident that it will be serviced to the highest standards.

Looking after your Audi e-tron

Fewer moving parts mean your fully electric e-tron could be cheaper and easier to maintain than a conventional car. However, as with any petrol, diesel or hybrid powertrain vehicle, regular servicing is important to ensure your e-tron stays in excellent working condition. You can also book a free connected car activation with your service so you can benefit from all the benefits of the myAudi app.

EV Service & Maintenance

At Audi we recommend that you regularly review the recommended maintenance for your e-tron. Find out more about the different recommended service schedules for your vehicle below.

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Living with your Audi

We want your entire electric car experience with Audi to be a joy. So, there’s a wide range of tools, help and support available for your every need.

Audi Charging Service

The Audi Charging Service offers you access to one of the largest public charging networks in Europe through one card or the myAudi app.

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Unlock your Audi world with myAudi

The myAudi app wraps Audi tech all into one seamless experience between you, your smartphone and your Audi. Handy myAudi features for your fully electric Audi include the ability to:

  • Locate electric charging stations: Audi Charging Service gives you access to thousands of charging points across Europe with just one charge card/app
  • Add charging stations to your journey with route planner
  • Remotely start your climate control before you get in the car¹
  • Check your range before your journey
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Keep life simple with Automatic Service Reminders

With Audi Connect's Automatic Service Reminder you'll never miss a service appointment again. Your car can automatically send vehicle and service data to your preferred Audi Centre so they can conveniently organise your service for you.

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Assistance and insurance

All new Audi models come with 3 years of complimentary roadside assistance, while every Approved Used Audi has a years cover as standard.

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Electric Help and Support

Have an electric vehicle query of any kind? Speak to one of our electric vehicle specialists and we’ll be happy to help.

Charging support

For support when charging your vehicle at home or in public, please contact our dedicated team:

Digital Services Support

For enquiries about our digital services such as Audi Connect, myAudi and Automatic Service Reminder, please contact our dedicated team:

Customer services

For all other electric vehicle related enquiries, please contact our customer services team:

Some images shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from UK specification.
¹Features can vary by model and trim and may require the purchase of additional options and services. Not all features highlighted are available for all models. The information on this page relates to new cars only. For more information please speak to your local Audi Centre: For full terms and conditions please visit here: