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e-tron Service Plans

Servicing specifically designed for your Audi e-tron

Looking after your Audi e-tron

We offer a service and maintenance programme bespoke to the fully electric e-tron models, including brake fluid changes and MOTs based on the level you choose.

This is complimented by the e-tron battery warranty that covers the most vital component of your e-tron for up to 8 years, or 160,000km, whichever comes sooner¹.

We have 3 e-tron Service Plans² available for our fully electric models up to 15 years old, covering your servicing requirements for up to 4 years.

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    Level 1²

    Covers up to 2 years of servicing

    1 x Service with inspection
    1 x Pollen filter change
    1 x Brake fluid change

    £455.88 (upfront cost)
    £37.99 per month (paid over 12 months)

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    Level 2²

    Covers up to 4 years of servicing

    2 x Services with inspections
    2 x Pollen filter changes
    2 x Brake fluid changes

    £911.76 (upfront cost)
    £37.99 per month (paid over 24 months)

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    Level 3²

    Covers up to 4 years of servicing

    2 x Services with inspections
    2 x Pollen filter changes
    2 x Brake fluid changes
    2 x MOTs (in year 3 & 4 of ownership)

    £983.76 (upfront cost)
    £40.99 per month (paid over 24 months)

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Please note
¹Lithium-ion batteries, of the type used in most electric vehicles (including Audi electric vehicles) have a restricted lifespan. Battery capacity will reduce over time, with use and charging. Reduction in battery capacity will affect the performance of the vehicle, including the range achievable and is one of a numbers of factors that may impact resale value. New car performance figures (including battery capacity and range) may be provided for the purposes of comparison between vehicles. You should not rely on new car performance figures (including battery capacity and range), in relation to used vehicles with older batteries, as they will not reflect used vehicle performance in the real world. For further information on batteries and the Audi 8 year/100,000 mile new car battery warranty, please visit https://www.audi.co.uk/uk/web/en/electric/faqs/battery.html Exclusions and warranty terms apply.
²Available for Battery electric vehicles. Price valid until 31/12/2024. Coverage varies according to the level of Service Plan purchased. Servicing must be carried out in line with the requirement of the service schedule at an Audi Authorised Repairer. Additional work, including wear and tear, is excluded. Service Plan validity is dependent on required payments received. Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Terms and conditions apply. Administered by Volkswagen Financial Services. Freepost Audi Financial Services.
³Valid for vehicles aged 3 to 6 years, with a 2.0L engine or less and under 100,000 miles at activation. Terms, eligibility criteria and exclusions apply. Excludes electric vehicles and vehicles with an existing service plan. Vehicles that have been out of a warranty (that has been provided by Audi UK or Audi Financial Services) for more than 30 days will have a no-claim period of 30 days at the start of their policy. The All-in Warranty does not cover any vehicle already covered under any other guarantee, insurance, warranty and/or gesture of goodwill. Audi Financial Services.