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What is quattro?

quattro is our renowned all-wheel drive technology. Developed through Audi motorsport engineering, quattro is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Today it brings safety, sportiness and performance to everyday driving. Since the debut of the Audi quattro in 1980, we've sold more than five million cars with permanent all-wheel drive. And now quattro is available across the entire Audi range.

The quattro range

You don’t need to compromise on your choice of Audi to experience the benefits of quattro.

quattro is available across an array of Audi models as part of selected trims and engines, so it’s easier than you might think to feel the value of quattro every day.

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    Hydraulic multi-plate clutch

    Designed for models that have the engine mounted across the chassis. This system has a front wheel bias in normal driving conditions, but constantly analyses traction, sending up to 100% of the power to the rear wheels when needed.

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    Self-locking centre differential

    The self-locking centre differential has a 50:50 power bias dividing the torque equally between the front and rear wheels. The system constantly analyses road conditions and can send up to 100% of the power to the front or rear.

    Some models, such as the RS range, have a rear wheel bias, sending the majority of the power to the back for a sportier driving experience.

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    R8 quattro all-wheel drive

    Because the R8 is mid engined it has a different quattro configuration to the rest of the Audi range. It’s designed so that under general driving conditions the majority of the power is sent to the rear wheels, but depending on the driving situation and weather conditions, 100% of the torque can be distributed to the front or rear axles.

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    quattro on-demand

    quattro on-demand can switch between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive in a fraction of a second by monitoring driving dynamics, road conditions and driver behaviour. As a result, potential CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is reduced compared to a car with permanently engaged all-wheel drive. Yet you still have all the benefits of quattro, as the system is always ready to step in when needed.

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