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Electric range

Electric range and
how it behaves

In real-world conditions, your electric range will generally differ due to various factors which may have a positive or negative impact.


Influence your driving range

The factors that impact an electric vehicle’s range are numerous. Examples include:

• Your personal driving style
• The driving profile
• Traffic conditions
• Temperature and weather
• The vehicle’s condition
• Accessories fitted
• The weight of a load
• Auxiliary systems like air conditioning & heating.

Planning ahead and adopting an economical driving style will have the most influence on range.

  • Temperature

    The chemical make-up of Audi e-tron model batteries means that it’s at its most efficient when outdoor temperatures are at around 20°C. This is because it operates best at its optimal temperature range (between 20°C and 30°C).

  • Air conditioning

    Most auxiliary systems in a car require electrical power from the battery, with heating and air conditioning consuming the most energy on an electric vehicle. In fact, up to 30% of an electric car’s mileage range can be used up in this way.

  • Driving profiles

    Like a conventional combustion-powered car, the type of driving you’re doing, such as motorway or city driving, will affect its energy consumption - and therefore its range. Unlike a combustion car, which is typically most efficient at constant.

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Set a higher recuperation rate

An electric Audi can harvest the kinetic energy generated by braking and coasting, and converts it to an electric charge that’s channelled back to the battery. This is known as recuperation.

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    ‘Efficiency’ or ‘Range’ mode

    Audi e-tron models have an economical driving mode which helps maximise your range. ‘Efficiency’ mode changes settings to the drivetrain, transmission, air conditioning, cruise control (or optional adaptive cruise control) that will help extend your range.

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    Limiting heating and air conditioning

    Heating and air conditioning are particularly power-hungry, impacting range by as much as 30%. By limiting them or switching them off, you can significantly improve your range.

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    Pre-conditioning whilst on charge

    Cooling or heating the vehicle while it’s being charged can improve the range significantly. Doing this before you start your trip will minimise the drain on the battery and, with the myAudi app, you can.

Electric Audis learn your range

When you first collect your new electric Audi, it’s normal to notice a range figure that’s different to what you’d expect, even on a full charge.

This is because the car needs to ‘learn’ your driving habits before it can calculate a more accurate mileage range.

How does my e-tron model calculate my range?

Audi e-tron models use an intuitive system to calculate your mileage range. It factors in energy consumption from previous journeys; whether it’s been stationary for long periods of time; and the other factors mentioned above that affect range.

Because the new car won’t have driven many miles, nor have much data on its new owner’s driving style, we therefore recommend that you drive it for at least 300 miles on your regular routes to allow the car to give you a more realistic estimate based on your driving profile.

How can I recalculate my range?

The car will always be recalculating the range based on previous driving data.

We recommend driving at least 300 miles on your everyday journeys for the car’s system to gather sufficient data for a more accurate estimate.

What influence does the interior air conditioning have on the range of my e-tron model?

In contrast to a combustion engine, the interior air conditioning of an electric vehicle, i.e. both cooling and heating, is implemented with the help of the high-voltage battery. This significantly reduces the range, particularly at very high or very low outside temperatures.

Tip: Use the pre-air conditioning function via the WeConnect app to pre-heat the vehicle while it is being charged. Pre-tempering during the charging time is also a good idea in summer in order to avoid costly cooling at the expense of the range.

What influence does the interior heating have on the range of my e-tron model?

The interior heating requires a higher percentage of energy in relation to the total consumption, especially at low average speeds.

Tip: Choose a lower interior heating and supplement this with the more energy-efficient seat and steering wheel heating in order to optimize the range of the vehicle.

How should I best use the interior heating so that my e-tron model does not lose too much range?

In addition to the interior heating, the windscreen and rear window heating in particular are energy-intensive consumers.

Tip: Use these vehicle functions only when necessary and then switch them off again or, if necessary, use the ECO mode to further optimize the range of the vehicle.

Models shown are not UK specification. Please use model configurator to view UK specifications.