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Audi and the Environment

Innovation, living progress and a conscious mindset are at the heart of the Audi brand.

Because progress matters

Transformation is very much here. And with our commitment to sustainability and electrification, our aim is to help businesses make progress toward a more environmentally friendly future.

CO2 and environmental impact reduction

As a proven route to tailpipe carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction, switching to electric vehicles could lessen the impact that your fleet has on local air quality and the natural environment

Going electric

Carbon neutral production

The Audi e-tron, Audi’s first fully electric car, was built in Audi’s Brussels factory which in 2018 became the world’s first carbon neutral high-volume production facility in the premium segment, as certified by independent experts.

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Filtering out microplastics where they are created

The Audi Environmental Foundation is developing filters for urban runoff in collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin. They aim to prevent the tire wear particles and certain other environmentally harmful substances from being washed into sewers and bodies along with the

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