Audi Connect Terms and Conditions

Audi Connect Terms and Conditions

The Audi Connect Online Services (“Connect Services”) are provided by Audi AG, and are included as standard in certain models within the Audi range of vehicles and are also available within some optional packs, such as the Audi Technology Pack. Audi AG is a company within our corporate group.

The Connect Services include:
● Audi Connect Infotainment Services (“Infotainment Services”)
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● Audi Electric Vehicle Services (“Electric Vehicle Services”)
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● Audi Connect Safety and Service Services (comprising of "myService" and "myCarManager") (“Safety and Service”)
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● Audi Connect Products and Services ("Functions on Demand")
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Some services require additional activation steps. In order to enjoy these services customers must register, accept the terms and conditions and follow the activation steps instructed on myAudi (please visit https://my.audi.com/).

Some services also require the download of the myAudi app on a compatible phone or tablet (always check latest phone and software compatibility).

In addition to the following terms, please read the Audi AG Connect terms and conditions found in https://my.audi.com/.

Connect Services may not be used for any commercial purpose. Further you may not use the Connect Services for any purpose other than the provision or receipt of services in accordance with these terms.

Certain Connect Services may involve the transmission of data about your vehicle to Audi AG and, in certain cases, the sharing of that data with third parties including, but not limited to Audi Service Centres, roadside assistance providers and emergency services, at all times in accordance with the Audi AG privacy policy which can be found at https://my.audi.com/.

The features and functionality of the Connect Services vary by vehicle model. Further the content and scope of the Connect Services offered by Audi AG may change over time. Audi AG may add, change, replace or remove individual Audi Connect services or features at any time during your subscription for the Connect Services. Enhancements in vehicle technology, information technology and web-based services sometimes may also require the Connect Services to be adapted and enhanced in line with new forms of technology or changes in user behaviour. Accordingly Audi AG reserves the right at any time to enhance, reduce or change the functional scope of the Connect Services in a manner that it considers is reasonable for the customer.

Availability of the Connect Services

Please note that the availability of Connect services is dependent on factors outside Audi AG’s control, including (but not limited to):

1. Sufficient mobile reception to allow an active data connection (which may be affected by a number of factors including (but not limited to) network coverage, location, features of the local landscape and weather); and
2. Technical and other measures carried out on the systems of Audi AG, its suppliers or network operators to ensure their correct function including (but not limited to) maintenance, repair, system-related software updates and extensions.

Audi AG will take reasonable steps to eliminate or mitigate disruption due to technical measures carried out by Audi AG or to work towards a resolution. Audi AG cannot accept responsibility or liability for non-availability or performance of the Connect Services to the extent that it is caused or affected by technical or other measures carried out on systems or by factors outside of its control.

The availability of Connect Services varies from country to country and may be dependent on the capability of your mobile phone. For mobile phone and software compatibility, please visit https://microsites.audi.com/mobile-db/index.html?ds=json_en or your local Audi Centre.

Connect Services Vehicle Summary
The Connect Services are provided by Audi AG, across the entire Audi range of vehicles, but will vary by vehicle model and vehicle age. Due to the evolving nature of vehicle and digital technology the Connect Services available on model ranges is constantly changing.

Data Protection Notice

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The following table provides links to the relevant terms and conditions relating to Connect Services for each current vehicle.