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We have an exciting range of fully electric and plug-in hybrid models available, with more joining our line-up, and we’re investing €10 billion by 2025 into the future of electric mobility.

By 2025 we will have 30 new electrified models and all Audi plants are set to be carbon-neutral¹. From 2026, Audi will only launch new fully-electric models and by 2030 all new car sales in the UK will be electric.

Fully electric e-tron collection

Our fully electric vehicles. Everything you’d expect from an Audi. Plus electric.

Fully electric e-tron models

  • D-Editorial_Teaser-03.jpg
    Q4 e-tron

    Fully electric all rounder. The impeccably designed Audi Q4 e-tron is the next big step in the evolution of electric Audi cars. Fully electric, expressive and ready for the everyday with a range of up to 314 miles².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-04.jpg
    Q4 e-tron Sportback

    Sporty and fully electric with up to 320 miles of range². The fully electric Q4 Sportback e-tron is characterised by technological innovation, sportiness and functionality.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-05.jpg
    e-tron GT quattro

    The e-tron GT is built alongside the legendary Audi R8 at the Böllinger Höfe facility in Germany where attention to detail meets precision and quality. Enjoy up to 298 miles² in this modern-day demonstration of progress, exclusivity and comfort.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-06.jpg
    RS e-tron GT

    Part of the Audi Sport family, the Audi RS e-tron GT has the wheelbase and presence of gran turismo and feels at home on the grid and the front drive, with up to 283 miles of range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-09.jpg

    Our first ever fully-electric SUV. Stylish. Advanced. Future-facing. With up to 408 PS of power and up to 252 miles of range² on a single charge, e-tron has everything you’d expect of an Audi, powered entirely by electricity.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-10.jpg
    e-tron Sportback

    All style. Fully electric. The e-tron Sportback has sculpted, coupé-like looks and can travel up to 261 miles² on a single charge of the battery, during which it creates no local emissions.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-07.jpg
    e-tron S

    Electric and fast. With innovations including three electric motors and a new intelligent handling system, the e-tron S offers more than sporty power and looks alone. It sprints from 0 to 62mph in just 4.5 seconds and has an impressive range of up to 222 miles² on a single charge.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-08.jpg
    e-tron S Sportback

    Electric has gone thrilling. Introducing our first ever, fully electric S model. Everything you’d expect of an Audi S model, powered entirely by electricity. With a range of up to 223 miles² and 370 kW of power, the SUV coupé sprints from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

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Plug-in hybrid TFSI e collection

Our plug-in hybrid cars have a combustion engine and electric motor, giving you the best of both worlds.

Plug-in hybrid TFSI e

  • D-Editorial_Teaser-11.jpg
    A3 Sportback TFSI e

    Premium compact meets hybrid. Our premium compact A3 blends top performance with greater efficiency and comfort with up to 40 miles of fully electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-12.jpg
    A6 Saloon TFSI e

    The Audi A6 Saloon TFSI e blends efficient plug-in hybrid drive with cutting-edge technology and sleek styling, with up to 43 miles of fully electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-13.jpg
    A6 Avant TFSI e

    Thanks to its innovative plug-in hybrid drive, the Audi A6 Avant TFSI e quattro offers the full spectrum of fun at the wheel with up to 41 miles of fully electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-14.jpg
    A7 Sportback TFSI e

    A combination of full-size coupé aesthetics and innovative plug-in hybrid. The A7 Sportback TFSI e turns heads wherever it goes with up to 42 miles of fully electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-20-1.jpg
    A8 TFSI e

    Remarkable efficiency, advanced technology, classic refinement. The flagship new Audi A8 TFSI e offers the ultimate Audi plug-in hybrid driving experience without compromise with up to 37 miles of fully electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-21.jpg
    A8 L TFSI e

    Exclusive luxury, superb comfort and digital technologies. But an equally impressive feature of the Audi A8 L TFSI is its plug-in hybrid drive, combining an efficient electric motor with a powerful combustion engine with up to 37 miles of fully electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-15.jpg
    Q3 TFSI e

    Experience the dynamic combination of electric drive and combustion engine, which provides impressive performance as well as efficiency, with up to 30 miles of fully electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-16.jpg
    Q3 Sportback TFSI e

    Strength and precision in every detail - the Q3 Sportback TFSI e offers a powerful combustion engine combined with electric drive of up to 28 miles of electric range². With a choice driving modes you're always in control.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-17.jpg
    Q5 TFSI e

    As a plug-in hybrid, the Audi Q5 TFSI e brings all the benefits of electric driving, with up to 39 miles of electric range² - with all the convenience of a petrol engine.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-18.jpg
    Q5 Sportback TFSI e

    An elite SUV with a coupé-like roofline and spacious interior of a sedan. The Q5 Sportback TFSI e boasts impressive performance, with up to 38 miles of electric range², without compromising on space or style.

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-19.jpg
    Q7 TFSI e

    Innovative plug-in hybrid technology, superior spatial design and a sporty look – the Audi Q7 TFSI e is a luxurious family innovative drive, with up to 30 miles of electric range².

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  • D-Editorial_Teaser-20.jpg
    Q8 TFSI e

    Big in stature. And economy. Our most progressive SUV coupé to date can now be driven purely with fuel, or battery, with up to 28 miles of electric range², or an intelligent combination of both.

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Designing the future

Dreaming the impossible and making it real: Audi Concept cars are designed to push the boundaries towards an electric future. This is where Vorsprung durch Technik takes shape.

Electric racing. The Audi way.

Audi will be competing in the famous Dakar Rally for the first time with an innovative prototype in 2022. Find out more about the history of the Dakar rally and the irresistible challenge it presents.

Audi regards net carbon neutrality as a state in which, following the exhaustion of other possible measures aimed at reducing the still remaining CO₂ emissions caused by the products or activities of Audi and/or currently unavoidable CO₂ emissions within the scope of the supply chain, manufacturing and recycling of Audi vehicles, at least quantitative compensation is provided through voluntary and globally conducted compensation projects. Throughout the utilisation phase of a vehicle, meaning from when a vehicle is delivered to a customer, CO₂ emissions produced are not taken into account.
Range dependent on trim and optional equipment. All vehicles are tested according to WLTP technical procedures. Figures shown are official test values for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including but not limited to factory fitted options, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, road and traffic conditions, individual driving styles, vehicle load, vehicle condition, use of systems like climate control (and, for battery electric vehicles, the starting charge, age and conditions of the battery). Figures for battery electric vehicles were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. Battery electric vehicles require mains electricity for charging. Zero emissions while driving. Figures quoted are subject to change due to ongoing approvals/changes and figures may include options not available in the UK. Please consult your local Audi Centre for further information. Data correct in October 2021.

Models shown are not UK specification. Please use model configurator to view UK specifications.